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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Last fri (22nd feb) i -dam unlucky-ly- became de restaurant manager.. cuz in that week i got alot of things have 2 do which includes:
    *accounts test
    *economic assessment
    *hand in food science project
    *memorize numbers in french (up to thousands)
    *prepare 4 de freaking restaurant class

    Accounts test was a ok cuz i love numbers.. =D econs was nt bad but i dam sked i draw de 5 graphs wrong d.. i dunno is de supply surve suppose 2 b dere or not!! i ended up nt really memorizing de numbers in french (juz read through).. hehe.. den food science project v had 2 watch a 30 minutes dvd about HACCP.. de BLOODY dvd took us 1 1/2 hours to finish! dunno rewind how many hundred times man.. i paling zha dou was de "MOCK" RECALL crap.. de woman was speaking in deep slang ma.. so v kenot really understand wtf is she trying 2 say.. v all keep hearing mug/mark/muck and all.. v rewind almost T-E-N freaking times to listen it.. BLOODY HELL MAN! den rite.. after tat segment, got SUMMARY.. and guess wat? tat bloody summary got MOCK RECALL written dere.. fuck rite?? imagine my face wen i found out.. lolx..

    Lucky dis time i jadi restaurant manager i got my housemates 2 help me 2 prepare.. if nt i sure die wan.. hahaha..

    ah.. de joy of having housemates..

    although VERY CRAZY.. dei're still DAM NICE!! everyday aso bully each other wan.. haha!

    Overall de restaurant class was ok except for de fact we did not hav a fucking BREAK! from morning i had a bowl of cereal till nite 12.30am onli i ate smtg.. i seriously TOO hungry till i NOT hungry anymore.. wen i come back home d i din wan 2 eat anything wan lo.. but den i keep tinking whole day i din eat anything so i juz cook de maggie mee n practically force myself 2 finish it.. dam bz man.. all bcuz of de fucking PINEAPPLE! took dam loooong 2 "carve" de pineapple.. i dun get y dei call it carve wen all v do is remove de skin, remove de eyes (hate it! HATE IT!!) and de slice it n decore de center part.. it isn't excatly CARVING.. haha.. but i love de flambe-ing de pineapple.. dam syok! de rum used 4 de flambe not veyr nice 2 drink lo.. cuz is de cheaper quality wan..

    (i dam miss LANGKAWI laaa!! T.T )

    but i still mix wit de orange juice n drink.. keke! abit ni la.. hehe.. den during de restaurant service, de rest of my classmates excluding de bartender n my other fren (sick) got do de final cooking for de beef.. dei get 2 FLAME de beef wit brandy.. dam yeng man.. too bad i din get 2 do it.. haihz.. nx week my turn 2 b de bartender.. gotta tink of a mocktail soon..

    Dis sat n sun i din go back home lo.. cuz i wanted 2 finish my projects and study 4 de exams coming dis week.. BUT DEN.. u noe me wan la.. say wan study onli.. but i sure do some other things wan.. ystd spent whole (actually less de half) day to finish my part on econs project.. i spent most of ystd playing game n toking cuz de summarizing really make me dam no mood.. den at nite went 2 steven hse 4 his b'day party.. he stay same block as us but de penthse.. so me n jojo dam "pat" wan 2 go n c la.. den v press de lift 2 de 26th floor.. n walked around finding de hse.. but like dun hav.. den jojo say can hear loud music downstairs.. so v walked down 1 floor n walked around.. den i ask her call stven n ask la.. wen v walking up de stairs (back 2 de 26th floor) den v realise de music is coming from de hse near dere.. zha dou! dam stupid rite? hahah.. but v went in awhile onli lo.. see around den left d.. cuz tat time still haven finish de econs projects yet.. Ystd watch vistoria secret fashion show till almost 4am onli slp.. dam nice.. 2005 n 2007 wan is nice.. but 2006 wan nt excatly nice.. abit boring..

    Dis coming week got:
    *F & B assessment (HAVEN STUDY)
    *Malaysian Studies assessment (HAVEN STUDY)
    *English test (no nit study but i still nit 2 rmb de format)
    *French assessment (HAVEN STUDY~!)
    *hand in marketing project (LOST de bloody paper so nw dunno suppose 2 do wat)

    Nx week agenda: (EDITED)
    *hand in french project (done half way wit ALOT of msitake= DAM DULAN d)
    *food science assessment (haven even touch yet!)
    *hand in 2nd food science project (haven get yet so dunno how 2 do =p)
    *hand in M'sian Studies project (DUN EVEN NOE A SINGLE THING BOUT EMBUN)
    *(supposed) 2 hand in F&B project but i dunno how 2 do n she gave us 3 weeks late so i aso dunno how (NO IDEA HOW TO DO)
    *hand in econs project (my part is done but den still hav 2 join wit de rest)

    i absoutely LOVE my life.. don't u?

    lotsa LoVe~
    TuRtLe <3

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    Finally i decided 2 continue writing my own blog(de other 1 doesn't count =P).. i was still deciding whether i wan 2 cont writing in my frenster blog (cuz most of my previous post was dere) or start a fresh new 1.. u can c wat i decided d la.. haha..

    Currently living really happy in my "new" house in Ridzuan.. everyday aso laff till stomach ache wan.. ESPECIALLY wen swimming tat time.. if ALL of us go swimming -like tat day- den surely will laff till jaw aso aching wan.. i tat time is not SWIM TILL TIRED.. but is LAFF TILL TIRED.. i really laff till no more energry wan swim d.. hahhaha! but really dam fun! =P

    muahahaha.. *cough* most probably on de 2nd of april den stay 3 nites till 5th den from dere straight take ferry n bus 2 lumut den ferry again to Pangkor.. IF i get accepted in pangkor la.. den going pangkor.. if not den i going penang.. or c la.. i aso dunno.. anyway..
    3 nites in LANGKAWI
    3 nites of CLUBBING!!
    i really miss de sky at nite dere.. dam many stars.. got shooting star aso~! and not 2 mention de cheap alcohol.. keke! i wan buy a bottle back.. if can den TWO.. =D

    So fast wan go 4 2nd training d.. time really FLIES man.. sudd onli i realise is mid of feb d.. starting nx week

    I. AM. GONNA. DIE.
    cuz got alot of assessments n assignments nit 2 pass up.. like 3 assignments in a week n 2-3 assesements in a week.. T.T sumore i haven even started on de assignments leh.. really DIE!

    dis coming fri i sumore restaurant manager.. AGAIN! all bcuz of an asshole's fault.. fucker! now i hav 2 make my headache worse 2 tink of de bloody center piece n make the theme perfect.. i wan DIE d la..! like i not enuf problems now onli..

    Can't beleive horny's (i still rmb ur FAV clr! =D) leaving SO SOON!! so sorry i kenot send u at de airport.. i really really want wan.. but den i got dinner wit my kai pa.. so kenot go.. haihz.. at leadt i got buy present 4 u.. hehe.. but nvm! u coming back in june ma.. tat time i muz go shopping n watch movie wit u..! if nt i sure mm kam sam wan.. eh.. n mayb u go pierce stomach aso la.. if i got money den v go do tattoo! hahaha..


    And she survived.. ;