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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
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I am special =)

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    + Spend less.
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  • And Live In The Present

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind.-Henry Miller

    In the back of my mind, i've always known that when i run away, deny or ignore everything, it'll always come back to me somehow. I've been told to just accept the fact and stop running away. But how can i? When i know so well that the fact will hurt me. Will you hurt yourself?

    It's just the way i protect myself. Like how a porcupine has those sharp things (i think they're called needles) or tigers with their sharp teeth and claws. They're just protecting themselves when danger approaches. It's natural self defense. Instinct.

    Probably some people might think that i'm being childish or a coward cz i'm constantly ignoring thins. Think all u want. It's not like i care anyway =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    My latest idol. Actually i liked her for a long long time d for her fashion. Then i went 2 google something and the word Burlesque appeared. And it made me remember of the dance which i saw only once on tv and fell in love with it almost immediately Lol. Cz it was colourful and glamourous and i've always loved lingerie. =)

    Damn. Now, i really really wanna learn burlesque dancing. No more pole dancing cz burlesque doesn't need any pole. Some heels and a feather fan will do Lol

    Oh too bad malaysia don't offer any class in it. Maybe Aust does =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Finally i've stopped working! =) My last day i was sent 2 TTDI and i managed 2 sell 40 shots lol. But i drink till a lil too much lo. Cz got a customer, he said he drink tequila shots n i drink his vodka shots. But i don't wanna drink vodka so he said we mix it togahter. So ended up, he top up my tequila with his vodka till full. And both of us took 10 shots each. Lucky it was already 2 smtg and i was about 2 leave. Lol But at least my last nite in Babyface n Tao was fun.

    And i baked (or attempted 2 bake) cupcakes last fri. But then, ended up throwing away all of it cz i mixed d batter too long so my cupcake turned out rubbery and tough. Sigh.. At least i had fun with the icing. Lol

    The super messy workstation.

    Going 2 the beach! =) (Damn, i can't wait 2 go 2 d beach)

    Fishes in the sea. Or in the hse at usj14 lol

    That was all cz after awhile i got lz and just threw everything away lol
    And i'm so fucking excited 2 go singpore la. Another 2++ more weeks! I earned bout RM2800 from work and so far, i've spent bout RM1200. And it doesn't include spore yet. Shit

    Pic of my hamster:

    And she survived.. ;

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    I am going singapore! At 1st no $$ then no ppl teman n all but in d end my sis decided 2 go with me. So nice of her Lol Will be leaving on 15 june (yes, change date d) n coming back 18 june. Lucky can find quite cheap hotels n flights. Actually it's not that cheap cz flight to and fro is bout rm139 and hotel is S$ 180 (bout rm 450). So almost rm600 on transport and hotel alone. Sigh..

    So now left is pray (lord help me) i can control my spending there. U know me la.. =) I think i might be broke b4 i even reach Aust lol.
    I just bought a black lace dress, anklet and earrings online ystd. Waiting for it to arrive tmr! Haha But it shld be ok. Cz a customer offered me a job. Alot of my customers does event n all so they usually call me if got any job. Lol. This time is an ushering job for a Celcom event from 10am-3pm and guess how much is the pay? RM600! I don't know is he type wrong n ter-added another "0" or what la but i just send my profile n c how la. Haha

    And 2nite my 1st offday! Lucky Selyna aso off which means pool! Quite long din meet up with other college frens d la. All aso training and Avril's back from her loooong holiday in France. Jealous-nya.

    Oh, and thank god this is my last week. I really can't wait 4 it 2 end la. Alot of customers i meet are nice, some are really nice but then i kenot tahan is the supervisors lo. Long story, nx time tell ba. Feeling lz 2 type now. Lol

    I'll definately miss some PR girls and singers at Cheras pub. Cz most of the times i aso work there 1. Most relaxed place to work among other places cz usually customers not alot so i usually spend time talking 2 a customer and don't bother selling the shooters. Lol. Some more most of the customers are regular and i c them almost 3 times a week. Some can considered as daily (cz he's d boss's brother lol).

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Went summit on sat cz my sis said got hp fair. I was not really interested in getting a new phone but then just go n c lo. But somehow i ended up buying a WATERPROOF camera!! After lusting (and dreaming and drooling) for one for soooo long, i finally bought 1. Keke..

    The best part was, it only cost me RM 1050. And free 8 GB sd card (which i took 2 4GB card) and a mini tripod and screen protector.

    But the bad news is, i might not be able 2 go spore 4 holiday. Bo lui liao. Sigh..

    And she survived.. ;

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    I'm confused and later on, pissed. Haha

    I've got 3 supervisors C, K and F. C and i ok la like friends n all got talk. But K and F i hardly talk at all. Then suddenly ystd K called me 2 tell me what time he fetching me n he damn friendly lo (he actually said bye, usually he just end the call w/o saying anything). Ask me where am i and eat dinner d anot n all. Cz usually they just call me say time then bye d.

    And then in d car he suddeny became my BFF cz he talked all the way till Cheras. Told me bout his life n all. Usually with him and F is quiet journey. No sound except radio. So imagine all those question marks dancing on my head. Lol

    And sometimes i really hate those supervisor man. Seriously. I said i don't wanna work on fri then they said kenot cz not enough ppl. So fine la i work fri n i say sun i don't wanna work. They promised me sun no nit work. Then ystd suddenly tell me sun got meeting. And when i said i can't go, sun i got things 2 do, they said no one tell u meh? DAm cibai la they all!! Seriously pissing me off only!

    Then i keep saying no, i sunday not free got alot of things 2 do. And he can say but it's at night wor kenot meh? CIBAI, if i free i aso won't fucking GO la!! Cz it's dam fucking boring and pointless. Why in d world wld i wanna waste precious time with them? Lol

    So i say i bz from after dinner till late n u know what they say? They say oh nvm, only 1 hr ni from 10pm-11pm. Then i say back so u want me 2 go meeting in d middle of my thing la? N he said yes. So i look at him and said Sorry can't i bz and i din talk 2 them except to complain when are we going back. Lol

    But serious la, they all give me the feel that they're kinda not so smart. Not 2 say i'm smart or anything, but sometimes when i talk 2 them (even the boss), i feel like using my manicured nail 2 dig my eyes out. Or stab myself with a plastic spoon. It's like they don't understand what u trying 2 say and i usually resort 2 use very "pasar" language 2 talk 2 them. Fuck, demoting myself man. Haha

    Then there was this customer (from spore) ystd, i was talking 2 him ma n he already said he'll buy 10 neat shots. So of course u talk awhile then drink ma, not force him 2 finish all 5 in a row ma rite? My "girl leader" suddenly dunno come out from where and started 2 harrass him. Poor thing man. She thought he haven buy yet then keep saying "buy la, buy la". Then she sumore talk really loud n all.

    After she go d, d customer said she like pasar auntie only. And seriously, i couldn't agree more. They're all nice and all but then the way they talk and act is really like they grew up in pasar ni. It's ok with me but after a while u can't help but cring at most of the things they do. Embarassing. Lol

    Anyway, i'm bored of my job!! Dam sien la. The only nice part of it now is meeting customers who are nice 2 talk 2( met 2 ystd) and drinking. And i tell u all, DON'T BUY ANY SHOOTERS IN PUBS OR CLUBS, ANYWHERE. Cz it's dam cheating ppl money 1. That's 1 of d reason i don't wanna work anymore. I feel like i'm cheating ppl of their hard earned money. Ok, maybe not so hard earned for some ppl. Lol

    In Tao (pub) the tequila is 1/3 and sprite is 2/3 and it's only half shot combined.

    Then in Babyface (pub) is 1/5 tequila and 4/5 sprite cz the customers there don't know how 2 drink at all (they don't know that all they're drinking is actually sprite and a hint of tequila).

    In Somo (pub) is slightly better (only slightly!) cz it's a new kind of liquour called Angel liquild 68% from swiss and it's really strong. so not so bad. But still, the liquour is 1/4 and cranberry jc is 3/4.

    But in Coco is the worst. 95% is tonic and 5% is gin. And when u drink, it's like fucking mineral water. Tasteless, And it's fucking RM20 for 1.

    So when some customer knows that there are little liquour in it, they usually offer 2 buy me a whole bottle. Cz seriously, u and i know it's much worth it. Even Tao sells pure FULL tequila shooters at only RM15. Our's is 20 and u can barely taste the tequila.

    So, DON'T BUY ANY SHOOTERS. If u want, go buy a bottle and u can keep for nx time if cannot finish or CALL ME (i help u finish). Hahaha

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Well i didn't do anything much this week except sleep, bake, shopping, on9 and work. Lol. Getting bored with work so i'm only gonna work for another 2 weeks.

    I knocked my knee at an edge while climbing up in my kitchen. Fucking painful la

    My sis did Crepe Layer Cake for mother's day. It taste like roti canai/pancake with cream. Haha But it's quite nice la

    Baked muffins cz i was bored. Really yummy~

    Oh, i sew lace to this modified jeans skirt cz i couldn't find what i want in shops. So gotta do it myself =) sew it at 2am Lol

    Really bored of work but good money la! So far i've earned bout 1200. Now i can go spore holiday (finally) and shopping! Already made a whole list of things i wanna buy =) eg: external hard disk, underwater cam and ipod (if i still got $$)

    ps: my corset is coming in a few days!

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    So, i've only worked 2 days and it was fun. Really really fun. Haha (2nite was boss bday so everyone off)

    I'm working in a pub/lounge in TTDI called Tao. Quite nice place la. 1st day got a Girl Leader with me cuz she have 2 teach me things n all. Actually she suppose 2 train me for a few more days but then ystd nite not enough ppl so i was left alone 2 there. Lucky my boss praised me cz i managed 2 sell 25 shots on my 2nd day alone. If not i sure kena d. Lol

    This agent got afew outlets, so everyday they might place me in different places like Tao, Coco, Babyface and a new one in mont kiara(dunno called wat). It's really nice working la. Cz technically, i'm paid 2 drink. Seriously. Alot of them buy then ask me 2 drink cz they dont wanna mix. And in Tao is only Tequila pop. So i like drinking it. Yummy..

    The only stress thing is the target sales. They expect 200 shots in a week at Tao and 500 shots in coco. And dont even talk about daily target depending on the day. I don't know if i'm able 2 reach anot. Sigh.. Cz it's nt excatly easy 2 persuade ppl 2 buy unless they dam high. Or they realyy wanna drink. Or they just wanna treat me. But there are a few ppl who knows sales is not easy then they buy a few shots and treat me la. I like nice ppl. =)

    Oh, and there was this guy who owns a pub in Kota Damansara. He offered me a job there 2 sell shooters aso. With higher basic n all. He said i'm quite clever in sales (read persuading ppl) Haha *blushes* that's y he wanna hire me. But i dunno i wanna go work there anot. Cz i quite like now. They girls are fun when they are dam high. There is 1 girl who curses when she's high and another girl who's dam fucking funny when she's high. Haha

    Then after every nite, we have 2 go meet boss 2 pass $$ and if sales not good have 2 explain why. So by the time i go back it's already 5 smtg and after bath aso 6am d. And my mom is not happy at all. Cz i haven tell her yet Lol.

    Oh! and my 1st nite, i went 2 a night club/hotel in kl after work. It was someone's bday (no idea who la). It's like a secret thingy n all man. Dam yeng. Cz it's like hidden in a business looking building n it's lift is somewhere within the shoplots. Outside downstairs, In the lift and outside upstairs got bouncers. Really strict. And u have 2 tell them which room u going 2 b4 they let u in the lift.

    I under 21 so my boss had 2 come down n sign paper only i can go in. But fuck. Up there was really realy nice. Like a fucking hotel man. The room was huge! Got pool table n sofas everywhere. Ppl dancing, drinking, passing out n all. It's like a fucking secret society/party. Hmm.. I'm begining 2 think i've watched too much shows. Haha!

    I don't smoke already. But with the amount of smoke i breathe in daily, i might as well smoke my ass off. Seriously. But no. I'm gonna control myself n not smoke =)

    Edited: And i learn a new game! Is dice game. My supervisor teach me so i will know how 2 play. But i still suck at it. Lol

    And she survived.. ;

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    My stockings are finally here! Actually they were here since last fri but i monday only free 2 take it from the post office. Lol And they send direct from korea!

    Worth every penny i spent! Haha. Now i'm waiting for my corset 2 come hopefully by end may. I'm serious spending so much TOO much money these days. Now bank like gonna dry out d Lolx Lucky got work now =)

    And she survived.. ;