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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    There's a CHRISTMAS TREE at my work place!

    I absolutely LOVE christmas trees! It can always make me smile. Especially those at small tree with lots and lots of ornaments and bright cheerful twilking lights in people's home.

    Cuz it looks home-y. I like feeling home-y. Haha. I got a pic but too bad this comp don't do bluetooth. Mayb in the nx post. I'll even upload pics of my hse in Ridzuan. Let u all c how freaking messy it is. Haha. But only if i'm in the mood. =p

    Omg, trials and finals is coming in another 2 weeks. All all i've done was 2 lousy accounts question. Dam, i really am super lazy. Even my mom knows. She juz told me 2day that she knows i'm the queen of "Last Minute" and she don't care. The only thing she cares is my Global Average. Must be 17 or at least 16.5. Must be Very Honourable Pass with Congratz from the Jury. Damn!

    I know, i should start studying. (keyword being should) But.... sigh. Soon my dear, soon. haha

    Ystd when 2 play pool with Selyna and i won 4 out of 8 rounds!! FOUR u noe! Four freaking rounds!! And my personal best (i noe i dam char ok?) was 4 balls one turn and 3 balls the other turn and finally black ball. I kept laughing. Like stupid cuz kenot stop laughing. Hahaha~! I'm pretty sure ppl around us was thinking i'm 1 crazy bitch. lolx

    And Selyna jumped the white ball which directly flew into the hole. Now, that's what i call a "Hole In One". Lolx. The best part was, we played 4 2hrs n it only cost us 15 bucks. Oh, how i love ladies nite!! Keke~

    I wanna go clubbing 4 my bday! But then, i have smtg 2 do the nx day and i hav to wake up at freaking 7am. So how? So how?? And on my bday, i wanna go shopping!! muahahaha

    I'm starving. I think i should go eat lunch now. Btw, i really wanna go 2 Ros's party! I wan ITALIANIES! I wan pasta.


    And she survived.. ;

    Thursday, November 6, 2008


    By a close fren from college. ok, EX close fren now.

    Actually i didn't want to talk bout it but after talking wit Selyna ystd, i realize i hav 2 cure a bad habit of mine. Which is when bad things or things i don't like happens, i tend to ignore it. I wld make myself think that everything is still ok and just IGNORE it. Until it gets so bad that i couldn't ignore anymore.

    But some matters i really cannot ignore and i don't want to ignore anymore.

    A fren's bday juz passed and i realized how "close" we were. I din even knew she had a bday party. But if she did tell me, i also wldn't get 2 go cuz i got work n other plans after work. But still! i din even know bout it. And i found out from another fren. So imagine my surprise! I really thought everything was ok between us. How stupid i was! I din even notice anything. Mayb i was again in 1 of my ignore mood. So, that's y i din know, din realized.

    I gave her my friendship and she threw it back in my face. And here i thought, that this only happens when we're in secondary school where every1 backstabs every1. AND only among teenagers. I'm so so naively stupid. I just din realized that this happens with ppl so much older than me as well.

    It's such a pity that some people are really like that. I really liked her some more.

    U know, although i hated training in Redang, it really made me open my eyes. It made me see who my real fren's are. It made me realized alot of things and really really know some people. (Suddenly i feel like laughing when talking bout this) U just don't know how fucking fake some1 can really be until u really really know them. I realized how pretend some can be. How fake. How superficial. How unbelievable-ly naive i was.

    But anyway, in my opinion, everyone is a BITCH. YES, including whoever is reading this. Including my mother. Including me. EVERY single fucking one of us. And every1 wld go to hell. Cuz i don't believe any1 had not done a single bad thing in life before. Maybe the only differences is how long u stay in hell before you go to heaven. So go out n do loads of good things.

    Cuz i don't want every1 2 crowd my hell.

    I abso-fucking-lutely hate crowded places. It's so fucking hot and hell is already fucking hot down there.

    Yes, i'm sure i'll stay long in hell.

    Cuz most of u don't even know half d bad thing's i've done.

    So all you bitches which i hate and cannot stand, pls go do truck loads of good deed. Cuz i seriously don't wanna see u in hell. Seriously.

    And she survived.. ;

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Sigh, i am dam fucking SICK of d bloody restaurant class d. Like really really fucking sick u noe!

    Every fucking week aso v do d same thing except for the main course carving and flambe. But still!! every other thing is the same! d fucking same!! And d part i hate d most is finding guest. Cibai, nt easy wanna find ppl 2 come eat lo. Especially if u no voucher. Dam fuck man.

    I dam dam hate restaurant class d! From term 4 till now, every single fucking week aso got restaurant class. Dam dulan d lo. Sumore every class short of this, short of that n all. Dam sickening u noe! Sumore now hav 2 go class EARLY juz to go 2 d bloody restaurant early to get everything v need.

    Dam lucky i decided 2 stop studying nx year. I finally get to win d argument and i can work nx year!! YAY 2 me! muahahaha~

    I plan 2 work 4 2 yrs den only i cont study. Cuz i'm dam sick of studying d. From 5 yrs old till now, every single fucking year aso study - exam - study - exam. Dam dam dulan d. So i wanna work. Work tilli sien den only i cont study.

    And i wanna do it overseas. Die aso nt in m'sia. Standards so dam low. Sigh.

    Dammit la, my guest still haven confirm yet. Feel like skipping class tmr d. Shit~

    Went to a charity thingy last thurs at college. Only RM 20 ma, so go lo. lolx. D food nt bad leh, n got performances aso. Got ppl singing (so so ni la but den dei dam brave la can sing in front so many ppl), den got 5 "proffessional dancers" (more like proffessional strripers la, kenot dance wan), got 3 kids dancing (nt bad la, children ma) n got 2 guys popping (dam yeng!).

    Got lucky draw aso n our table dam dam xia suai. Seriously. D guys was like jumping n screaming although v did not kena d number. Dam stupid. Haha. But in d end max won a t-shirt la. Although abit tight la. Lolx

    After that, me selyna n max went 2 play pool. I WON selyna!! muahahaha! although is 1 round only la (out of like 3/4 rounds) haha. n max kept winning. so nt fair!

    Max d gigolo. In d car trying to seduce d ppl at d car behind us.(yes! SEDUCE) haha

    Ciao~ xoxo

    And she survived.. ;