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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    I love watching those trashy Taiwanese dramas. They never fail to disappoint me.

    There is always a character which you can hate (a crybaby, a bitch, an evil stepmom). A character who can't act properly (too fake). A stupid character who makes stupid comments and lame ass jokes but still manage to make you laugh. A character which is almost-up-to-standard handsome and you can have a temporary crush on. Oh! And not to forget those moments where the one character is looking for another in a not-so-big place and they just don't seem to see each other while the scene repeats it self again and again (about 6 times) all from different angles. And those oh-so-perfect moments which you know it'll never happen in real life. I mean can u honestly tell me if you slept on a rocky ground overnight and wake up perfectly groomed the next morning? No shit sherlock.

    Yeah, i love watching those trashy dramas. Compared to doing my shitloads of assignments la. Who wouldn't? =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    It's super cold and i'm freezing. And they say it's SPRING. Spring for god sake! How can a SPRING night be 9 degrees?? If it's not for those flowers blooming, i would definitely not believe it. It still feels like winter especially at night. And nowadays, it keeps raining. Making it that much colder. I wont be surprised if it suddenly snows. Since it's TOO DAMN COLD.

    And all this coldness is making me lazy. And unmotivated to do my shitloads of assignments and presentations (with the amount of assignments i do, the exam better be fucking easy).

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Mia noona. My mama has such a gentle soul. Like, she's one of the kindest person i've known. I remember when i was younger i sometimes stay over at her house with my sis to accompany her. Sometimes with other cousins as well. And it's be like a sleepover where we all would listen to her telling us stories about her past and my late grandfather (he died when i was 2 or 3). And i'd get the special priority to sleep on the bed with her cz i'm the 'eldest' while all my other cousins sleeps on the floor with the exception that occasionally one of my cousin will join us on the bed. And when those younger cousins fell asleep, me and her would just talk till almost dawn. Cz i know her. I know she has trouble sleeping at night. She like me, is a thinker and worrier. Forever thinking of the past- the what if's and the future-the what would be's. And i'm guessing she's thinking of the past. Cz if im not mistaken she told me once every night she'll think of my grandfather and that thought would lead to so many others thoughts and in the end, she can't sleep.

    Then every morning once we wake up we would make the bed and keep the mattress aside. It's the only place where i would make a bed cz i really see no point in making bed as it would still get messed up every night but it's a must in her house so we did it. Then we would have hot milo (or white coffee when i got older) and some biscuits or bread for breakfast. And after breakfast work begins. I think i learn how to sweep and mop floor from her. She insisted to do it every morning and taught me how. And i am 100% sure she taught me how to wash clothes with my own hands and how to use those wash board thingy. Lol

    I rmb i used to hate it. I mean who honestly likes doing housework. But then i see she also quite old so i did it to help her, to lessen her burden. And she'll always give me things. Like perfumes (of course not the branded ones la) or expensive branded beauty products (cz she know i'm vain and my aunty always buy too many for her to use or maybe she just dont wanna use so she give me lol).

    As much as i love her, i can't help being angry with her when she just let my uncle or father scold her. Sometimes she just quietly take it then come in the room and tell me and try to hold the tears in or she'll scold back but that usually ends up with them scolding her more and she being more sad. That's why i hate my uncle (only a specific uncle, the others are fine). My father is an entirely different story which would be talked when i feel like sharing (and i'm in a selfish mood now). And i would always try to help her to avoid another fight. Petty things like who's coming for dinner and how much shld she cook and all would get her in trouble so she would always ask me to help her ask. Cz she know i wont get scolding. If those fuckers ever dare to scold me i would definitely fuck them up so i've nvr been scolded by any of them before (if im not mistaken la). But seriously, what did she ever do to deserve to be treated like that. Scared to ask a question, getting shout at for a broken glass which im pretty such she didn't notice. She's your fucking mother for god's sake. Not a maid. And don't get me started on another aunty who wants her to live with them so she can help clean the house and cook. I mean come fucking on! Which part of "SHE'S YOUR MOTHER" you don't get.

    I know some of my cousins reads this blog and i want you to know i'm not angry to you or anything. I just.. What shld i say? That i'm fucking angry for the way they treat her? Cause i am. I'm fucking pissed that they would treat her like that. But i don't know what i can do to help her. Besides being there so i ask the questions instead of her. And frankly speaking, talking to my father would do her no good. at all. He'll probably think she complained to me and ask me to tell him stop acting this way which would make him more furious at her. Sigh..

    When i get back to msia i would go stay with her a few nights. Cause i miss her.

    These little flowers brighten up my day =)

    I'm addicted to these cute little teddies. Like really addicted.

    And she survived.. ;

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Watched Funny People last night. And it was... unbearable. It was funny. Like damn fucking funny. Although 80% of the jokes are sexual jokes but still funny (if u get the jokes la). But the plot is one lousy shit. Seriously, it's long and dragging (2h 30m!! of sexual jokes) and the ending is the worst part. He didn't even get back with the girl! Fuck, i thought Adam Sandler's movies are supposed to be good. I recently watched 50 First Dates (I know, after so long) and it was not bad.

    Overall i give this show 5/10. I seriously won't recommend anyone to watch. Unless u like sexual jokes and lousy plots, then this show is made for u. But i think got someone i know will like this show. He/She shall not be named. We wouldn't want to taint this blog now would we? Lol

    What makes you laugh?

    Edited: Oh god, i should have read the poster before agreeing to watch the movie. The director of "40 yr old virgin" and "Knocked up" is one terrible director. I watched both movies and it was terrible. With a capital T!

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    The cutting room floor. Are scattered with so many parts of a movie. People cut out the bad stuffs and show only the good stuffs in movies. That's why u'll find so many interesting thing on the cutting room floor. Things u don't even know happened. Things u'll never expect at all.

    Sometime my life is like the cutting room. I edit out the bad parts and only show the good parts. Maybe it's my way of protecting people i love cz it's better if u don't know half the things i do. I'm not joking. Or maybe it's too personal to be showed. Or too ashamed to let people know. But there are a few people who know of the pieces on the cutting room floor but most definitely not all. Maybe just 3 people? And i trust them with my life. The others only know of the edited version of my life. The happier part. The part everyone wants to know. The part where they think i have it so good.

    Feeling a lil melodramatic tonight. I need to talk to someone. Not type in msn or email. Talk talk. Face to face. But u're all back in Msia. This is why i miss Msia so god-damned much. Where i can just call someone and talk. And we'll drive around and around for hours well into dawn, just talking. I'll listen to your problems and you'll do the same. And everytime when i leave the car, i feel so much better and know what to do with my life. Cz u guys always know the right things to say to me.

    And i've already decided what i want to do for my next tattoo (while i was bathing just now lol). I want to do the number "ONE". Not sure in what language or pattern yet. It's to signify that i'm always my first priority in life and i only deserve the best, no second best anymore.

    What do you do when you need someone to talk to?

    And she survived.. ;

    I tell myself what i want in life. How i want to live it. YOU don't get to fucking decide anything for me. You have to remember you don't fucking own me. I own myself. I don't deserve second best. I only deserve the best. Because fuck! I am Ho fucking Carmen. And i don't need you in my life, ka-pish?

    And she survived.. ;

    Saturday, September 12, 2009


    They says time heals all wound. No matter how deep the wound is, time will eventually heal it. But i beg to differ. I believe some wound just don't heal. Maybe it's too deep. Maybe it just won't heal. Or maybe it'll take forever to heal. But i don't have forever to give. The most recent wound happened a few months ago. And till now, every time i think of it, it still brings tears to my eyes. I try not to think of it (I'm the fucking queen of ignoring la pls) but sometimes when i read something or when someone talks about something similar to it, i just can't help but remember about it. And just so you know, i still miss you every single day.

    What do you dream when you sleep at night?

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    I feel like i'm going crazy. I've been slaving (sort of) away on my laptop since saturday. Ok, so it's not entirely slaving cz i was on fb and fanfiction and msn chatting and watching a few episodes of ncis and desperate housewives but still i was doing my 3 essays and i think i've created a new record of how many words i typed in 4 days. Too many words i would say. I really don't think i've typed so many words in less than a week and now, i still got another 2000words essay to write. I'm even skipping classes to finish it. I feel so hard working =)

    This is what i get for procasinating. But it's not my fault i only work under pressure. If u tell me the essay is not due for another week, i sure no mood wanna do wan. If no mood how to think right? Which was what i've been doing for the past week. I keep staying back in library supposedly doing my essays but ended up doing other things and not my essay. Sigh..

    That's why only in exams i can write a load of crap in less than 2 hours cz i'm forced to. Haha but still, how can the lecturers expect students to hand in 3 essays at the same time in a week?? Lucky OB smart, so his essay we handed in 2 weeks ago. I don't dare to imagine if i got 4 essays to hand in at the same time. I might just jump of a bridge lol

    Now on my third and final essay. For this week. Nx week got another essay have to hand in but that wan is only 1200 words so should be easy. I hope! I'm seriously stuck on this topic. It's confusing, well not really confusing la but i don't really get what am suppose to crap about until i reach 2000 words. I knew i should have arrived earlier for my events comp class last week. Damn. I only caught the last part he said which was to include a case study. Best part is? I have no idea about any events in Australia. Which means, more research! Hurray! dont't u just looove research?? Right shin yi?

    And yet, here i am, typing more words out. But this is leisure typing. I type cz i feel like it and it gives me a break from seeing the tourism word. I'm sick of seeing that word d. All three essays also about it.

    I need a break. I want to watch my tv dramas and movies all day until my eyes hurt and my head spins. I want to read my stories till there isn't anymore nice ones to read. I want to sit with my friends and talk and laugh till my side hurts. I want to just relax and do nothing. And most importantly, I want to drink! I need to drink. My baby has finished! I need a new bottle but it's raining now and im far too lazy to go get one. So there's only this:


    PS: how can i so easily type out 600 words here and barely 200 words in my current essay inc references??

    And she survived.. ;

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    I find it amazing how people can just delete you from their life. Seriously, just click the DELETE button and it's like they never know you before. Never even heard of you or have anything to to with you before. It's like stuffing you in the deepest darkest corner of their brain where they will never venture.

    If you're wondering, no it didn't happen to me. It happened to one of my friend who i shall not name (in case he kills me and thank god he doesn't read this blog). Just that day i found out he and his girlfriend has broken up probably few hours ago and definitely not more then one day. So i was on facebook that time and decided to see her profile and pictures. And guess what? There weren't any more pics of him except for those in a group pictures but no more pics of the both of them together. Not even one. And he was not even in her friend's list anymore. Bad breakup i guess.

    But seriously, it's becoming so simple to just delete someone out of your life. After awhile you will start to forget them and in time you who be like "Isaac who???" And no, that's not his real name lol. But i don't delete people out of my life so easily. It'll take me forever to forget someone especially if they are someone important to me. If you're not so important then too bad la. Haha i'm joking. But still, it took me forever to forget someone. Not forget forget. More like to remember he is only a friend now.

    So no worries people, i don't just delete you from my life =)
    (i prefer to use backspace but then in life there is not backspace button)

    Btw, i am in a horror movie mood/ fetish and i'm looking for a good movie to scare me shitless, force me to sleep with the light on and give me a heart attack (so i have a reason for not completing my essays as i would be in the hospital recovering lol). So i googled the horror-est horror movie and downloaded The Exorcist 1973.

    They say when it first came out int he cinema, an ambulance has to be stationed at the cinema cz people faint and gets heart attack when they are watching the movie. Fuck, the poster already scared me shitless but i still wanna watch it! Can't wait! But i think i might have to find people to accompany me cz i don't think i would be able to sleep after the movie lol. I hope it doesn't disappoint me though. Oh yeah, for those who likes horror, go play hotel626 it's creepy!

    If you want to see the movie poster, scroll down. I don't wanna be the reason why you can't sleep tonight. =)

    Scary right? lol
    Btw, I would be dissapering for a few days until Tuesday cause i need to finish my god damned essays!!! So if it's not a life of death matter, don't find me! Exceptions are for bffs and family =) I don't mind if you call me at 4am just to talk. Yes, i am that bias =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    Ok, so here i am. Sitting in the uni's library supposedly doing my essays. One which i reason to myself i don't get what the question is saying so i'm gonna ask my lecturer in tute tmr (means can't do anything now). Another one i can't decide which topic to choose. Should i do about Twitter? or the media industry? or the "Best job inthe world" campaign? The last essay i don't even know which region is within Vic so i would have to google it later.

    Therefore, i am google-ing bikinis. Cause it's SPRING already! Although it's still cold and sometimes super cold but apprently it's spring. And summer comes after spring. I can almost taste the saltyness of the sea, the glaring heat of the sun (which btw i am not so fond of), the sickly sweet smell of sun tan lotion, the roughness of sand between my toes and god knows where, the coolness of the water when u dive in and the cool feeling of ice cream sliding down your throat. God, i miss the beach!

    PS: Rolling in sand is fun but not so fun when the sand gets into your ears and pants lol

    And she survived.. ;