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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
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I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Monday, March 31, 2008

    I so bored tat i've decided 2 write bout my memories n experience in langkawi.. ^^

    B4 i even go dere, i tot langkawi is a TINY and ULU and KAMPUNG-ish island.. and i could rent a bike n cycle it around the island.. tat is IF i could actually cycle la.. haha! n i din even noe tat langkawi is in kedah.. those who noe me shld noe my geography dam SUX wan (i tot perak is below selangor and melaka is above negeri sembilan and austria and australia is de SAME country)

    I finally touched down dere n my fren came 2 pick me and cheryll from de airport.. den he drove dam long till v finally reach de temporary place where we were suppose 2 stay a nite.. tat was when i realized, langkawi is NOT as small as i tot.. hahahhaa!

    De place dam nice lo.. wanted 2 go 4 a swim wan.. but den not free.. i tink cheryll has pictures of de place but i haven got it from her yet.. hehe..

    den de nx day(sunday) me n cheryll went 2 Pelangi dere 2 meet de HR ppl, Zamri (ex-F1).. den tracy n shu yee came n v all were waiting 4 harris cuz de stupid asshole dowan show us de quarters till Harris come cuz he L-A-Z-Y wanna do de job 2 times.. so v all SITTING dere doing NOTHING.. finally harris came n v go c our quarters..

    At 1st.. de impression of de place was "Errr......." but v juz leave all de luggage dere den went out again.. went around n dinner b4 coming back.. den v unpack n all la.. but den after a while, de place not bad d.. start 2 biasa d.. ^^

    1st dept i work in loby lounge.. so means 8 hours a day is standing wan.. if not standing den is walking.. so dam tired.. from day 1 till i come back KL, i keep saying 1day muz go foot massage.. but den every offday v all sure go jalan jalan wan.. off day even more TIRING den working day.. hahaha..

    i went 2 de cable car twice and i never go 2 de Telaga Tujuh Waterfall.. wanted 2 go wan.. but den dunno y everytime v also end up going back 2 de "shopping mall".. de "shopping mall" is even smaller den summit or parade.. 2 me, it's more of a shopping "store".. hahha!

    i miss alot of things in langkawi..

    i miss going clubbing and not worrying about going BROKE~!

    i miss de beach, de sea, de sand BUT not de sun..

    i miss me, shu yee n tracy's "secret" meetings at de beach at nite..

    i miss going 2 Melati 4 dinner or supper or juz sitting dere (not de mosquitoes though)

    i miss taking de taxi (or walking when i'm in de mood) 2 The Zone 2 buy tequila(s)..

    i miss drinking at de beach till late n not worrying of safety (in fact not worrying bout anything at all)

    i miss shooting tequila from my baby bottle.. =D

    i miss playing in de rain wit shu yee while watching LIMA and then cutting a coconut wit a small knife..

    i miss walking along Pantai Cenang at nite with the beautiful lights..

    i miss going 2 Melati CC 2 surf net..

    i miss ARTISAN and de botak guy..

    i miss all de talking n laffing n crying wit tracy n yee at de beach..

    i miss lying in de sand n watching de stars.. even shooting stars..

    i miss de beautiful view of nite sky from de beach.. seriously a blanket of stars..

    i miss de corona which i could easily get from the shop nearby (not like KL, kenot even find!)

    i kinda miss de kancil v owez rent..

    i can't believe i miss shu yee and tracy with their multiple attempts of killing us with their driving(manual) skill.. ^^ (i'm still sked of traffic lights)

    i miss de late nite movies in de TV room..

    i miss de staffs in Pelangi who were nice 2 me..

    i miss Ket and drinking in our room wif her..

    i miss SunBa.. small and cozy..

    i miss our 1st time watching "moon-set" (instead of sunrise)

    i miss swimming in de beach wit every1..

    i miss acting crazy wif tracy n shu yee after v drink..

    i can't believe in miss de time where v lost 2 keys.. cheryll said every1 in pelangi wld hav our room key except us..

    most of all, i miss all my happy memories there..

    i miss alot of things.. but i dam glad i still remember all of it.. well, most of it la.. haha! k la.. gotta start packing things 4 my nx training.. hope it'll be as great as my langkawi training.. all this happy (and some sad) memories will remain in my heart 4eva.. ^^

    xox CaRm3n xox

    And she survived.. ;

    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Exams are finally over~! i feel dam relaxed but at de same time still dam stressed out.. haihz..

    Time pass dam fast.. sudd onli end of march d.. wanna go training again.. dis time going Berjaya Redang.. suppose 2 go 2 Pangkor Laut wan.. but den alot of problems.. so change to Availlion PD, Club Med Cherating and alot more.. i aso dun rmb d.. lolx! All de resorts i choose aso near beach wan.. cuz i miss de beach.. keke!

    So now confirm Berjaya Redang d.. gonna leave nx sat nite.. taking de E-I-G-H-T hours long nite bus ride to Kuala Terengganu.. den switch 2 ferry n go 2 de island.. My kai pa sumore say take bus is an adventure.. 4 me is an adventure of

    1. Making my butt numb
    2. Having difficulty to sleep
    3. freezing my ass off
    4. Making my body sore

    OH JOY~! sounds fun 2 me.. hahaha..

    I'm so gonna miss my Darling Boy when i go training again.. he getting cuter, fatter and lazier d.. hahaha..!
    Lz wanna type d la.. post sum pics.. hehe

    Tracy write wan.. dun rmb wat were we doing d.. haha

    Then i drew this 4 her.. =D

    Shu yee n me.. use her new fon take wan.. ^^

    My Salad D'orange.. nice leh.. haha

    After St. Particks Day.. de temp tattoo dei gave..

    I cooked spaghetti and Shu Yee wan rampas all!!

    Jojo's bday dinner.. at SS15..

    K la.. my sis wanna use comp d.. MUST try 2 slp early d.. dis few days 4 smtg onli slp.. T.T and tmr going shopping!! hav 2 spend money again.. hand itchy~! kekeke!!


    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    I LOVE St. Patricks Day!

    Ystd (OOPS.. i tink it's considred as ystd ystd d.. haha) i went 2 my PMK (Plaza Mont Kiara), my mom's office dere cuz got St. Patricks Day celebration.. actually dowan 2 go wan.. but den i din hear ppl got celebrate it in M'sia wan lo.. so v dam pat wanna go n c like how wan..

    went 2 menjalara 4 steamboat 1st den onli go dere.. de weather dam freaking cold(but of course nt as cold as horny dere =D) den eat steamboat.. dam syok! haha.. after steamboat onli go dere.. reach bout 10 pm but den still alot of ppl..

    got alot of beer 2 drink.. seriously alot.. sumore my mom noe de organizers so v got bout 6 free drinks.. but too bad de beer nt nice wan.. is Guinness draft beer.. n i absoutely LOVE corona.. so din drink alot.. dei should ask another brand as sponsors ma.. haihz..

    anyway.. dere got alot of performance.. got 3 girls playing violin.. dam YENG! now i dowan learn piano d.. (mayb nx time la.. haha..) i wan learn violin.. easier 2 bring around anyway.. lolx.. wanted 2 post pics wan.. but den dunno y de comp kenot read my pendrive.. haihz..

    Nx year muz definately celebrate St. Patricks Day d.. haha.. k la.. wanna slp d.. tmr(actually 2day) got class at 9am.. den got 4 hrs break.. den another 2 hrs class.. dam wasting time.. haihz..

    Nitey nite!

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Lazy laaa..!! suppose 2 be doing de F&B project wan.. but den lz.. so take a "rest" (yes it's a REST) 2 do blogging.. haha..

    2day i woke up late man.. class at 9am.. i woke up at 8.40am.. i sumore can slp den wake up awhile n tink "wah.. y 2day like so nice wan? slp so long d de alarm still haven ring".. den wanna fall back asleep d.. lucky i got wake up n check my fon lo.. wen press de middle button den nthg happen..


    Dam sux man.. i sumore last nite juz charge finish le.. samsung battery sux like hell la.. but last time sux aso din sux like now.. i tink my batt or fon got prob d.. muz bring back de place n check.. lucky still got waranty.. but of course kenot tell him i drop my fon a few times d la.. =D i tinking i wanna sell it den buy new wan.. hehehe.. but i noe sure impossible wan lo.. haihz..

    So.. in de end.. i spend 10mins getting ready.. T-E-N freaking minutes! dam fast man.. den on de way out pat n her mom juz arrived.. i dam blur.. wen she say hi, i juz look at her tinking who is tat.. hahaha! den onli it click in my mind.. juz wake up ni la.. wat u expect wor?? haha.. den i juz say hi aunty den i keep repeating "i'm late! i'm late!"..

    sumore de bloody lift dam S-L-O-W.. i wait n wait.. after i reach down, fast fast take taxi go coll d.. den wen reach dere d rite.. i realize i was early.. earlier den cheryll infact.. i tink i rush till TOO fast d.. so i reach dere 8.55am.. dam keng man! keke..

    Ystd i went 2 pyramid wot my sis.. wanted 2 go ice skating wan.. keyword: WANTED.. haha.. but cuz got quite alot of ppl so v juz go watch movie n shopping.. watched Martian Child.. de show ok ok ni lo.. nt excatly nice but den abit heart touching at de end.. wen shopping tat time.. dunno buy wat.. spend money like water ni.. shit man.. everytime say muz control but den...... haihz..

    Dis week is my last restaurant service! so muz do gud gud.. last service i FINALLY get 2 clear ALL FOUR plates leh! wit de bb plate.. dam proud man.. although my table is dam near de kitchen (so once i reach in i can straight away use 2 hands) i still dam happy.. muahahhaha!!

    Dis week nt alot of things 2 do.. onli got 1 F&B project n English presentation onli.. BUT! i dunno how 2 do.. de eng wan i lost de paper d.. so i dunno suppose 2 do wat.. i onli rmb got smtg 2 do wit M.I.C.E.. lolx.. den de F&B wan i nt sure de format.. started 2 do abit d la.. but den nt sure correct anot wan.. n wat de fuck does she means wit MARKET SHARE???!! hav 2 go find her tmr n ask..


    And she survived.. ;

    Saturday, March 8, 2008

    Have 2 post lgk pics in another post cuz juz now got dunno wat prob..

    our room F5.. me n cheryll's bed..
    Our forever-super-messy dressing table.. actually our room aso very messy wan.. but dressing table get messy FASTER.. haha
    I wrote dis on de 18 dec 07.. last day in pelangi..
    one of our fav pics.. shu yee say she like it cuz it make her look thin.. dam swt.. hahhaa
    Our trip 2 de cable car.. up dere dam cold cuz it was drizzling.. =D

    Random shots~
    Heart shaped filter of a cigg.. dam pretty~ =D
    An angel i drew on jojo's leg.. nice leh.. hahaha
    Jojo draw on my hand.. we were on a drawing spree wit my eyeliner.. XD
    i'm an expensive bitch~
    de middle wan is jojo fold wan.. both red is i fold.. dam nice leh.. lolx

    Last but nt least.. my darling boy!

    k la.. de post dam long d.. if plus de previous wan la.. lolx..

    hugs n kisses

    And she survived.. ;

    Last tues n wed my college got de blood drive thingy.. den rite.. my n my 2 more fren dam semangat wanna go n donate blood.. i sumore 1st time onli donate blood.. i told my eng lecturer tat i wanna go donate blood after my group's presentation n sure she will let lo.. den i met wit shu yee n tracy in de mph dere.. go in n take weight.. ngam ngam 45kg.. dam happy man.. actually de machine is set at 1kg not 0kg.. tat's y i can.. hahah.. den i so happily went n fill in de forms wit shu yee.. tracy din pass de weight thing cuz she onli 41kg.. kesian~ lolx!

    after fill in de forms, v go 2 de table where de nurse will test ur blood type n haemoglobin n all.. wen i walking dere rite, got 1 guy told another student under 18 kenot donate blood.. den i sudd "cap hau" n say if my b'day is yr end can anot? but he still say kenot.. dam disappointed.. den fine lo.. nx year onli i go n donate lo..

    den shu yee cont 2 test blood la.. me n tracy dam sam pat man.. de nurse take abit of shu yee blood den put in a small container filled wit blue blue clr liquid.. or was it green?? i dunno la.. den her blood sink.. so v (me n tracy) ask her tat wan test wat? den she say de haemoglobin crap lo.. if float means nt enuf n sink means enuf.. or was it terbalik?? i aso dunno wat she mumbling la.. hahha

    den she put blue clr liquid n yellow clr liquid on de board where dei test de blood type wan n put abit of shu yee's blood in each.. den mix n all n leave it.. den she say her blood is B.. den me n tracy ask her how she c.. den she explain 2 us..

    if de red dots is in de yellow wan means is B..
    if in blue means is A..
    if both aso got means is AB..
    if both aso dun hav means is O..

    dam sam pat rite v both??
    hahahha.. den sumore wan ask how 2 c is negative or positive.. she say muz go lab test.. lolx

    den shu yee go 2 another table.. dei take blood pressure n key in de data in2 de comp.. me n shu yee got pierce our body within de pass 6 mths ma.. so de nurse dun let her donate blood aso.. disappointing~

    so in de end.. v all dam ZHA DOU.. especially me.. cuz:

    1. actually nt heavy enuf.. another 1kg den enuf d..

    2. haven 18 yet!!!!!!! so not fair T.T

    3. i 4got my blood pressure is quite low.. but mayb wif all de stress it might go up.. hahah

    4. i pierced my stomach in jan..

    haihz.. nvm! i nx year wanna donate blood.. so tattoo i wan 2 do after training.. give it 1 mth 2 heal.. haha.. IF i got enuf money la.. lolx.. i wan 2 tattoo it on my wrist.. so can use watch cover.. den small small wan..
    den i wan 2 do another 1 on my right wrist.. but i haven draw yet n haven confirm i wan wat yet.. =D

    oh yes.. i say dam long i wanna post my room pics in ridzuan n lgk.. here is ridzuan wan..
    my room.. share wif another 2 more fren.. take a wild guess which is my bed.. lolx!
    our super messy dressing table.. actually more messy wan.. but i tidy it up abit d.. keke
    dis is supposed 2 be de center piece wen i jadi RM wan.. but den dun hav 2 flowers cuz de table 2 full d (table d'hote setting)..

    now bout pat's bday.. i noe is quite long d.. but nw onli i post.. hehe..
    my TEQUILA SUNRISE.. yummy~
    after eating.. really eat till wan die man.. dam FULL~!

    i wanted 2 upload sumore pictures wan.. but den dunno got wat prob.. haihz.. nvm la.. nx post onli upload la.. mayb later at nite try again.. hehe..


    And she survived.. ;