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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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    + Spend less. Save more.
    + Get another tattoo
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    + Spend less.
    + To control my impatient-ness
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    + Drink less
    + Stop having blackout nights
    + Exercise more
    + Spend less.
    + Eat more
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    + Stop procasinating
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    + Master my French

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  • And Live In The Present

    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    OMG.. i just had to put his picture here! i was browsing some site and i stumbled upon him.. i can't help it cuz he's too cute! =D

    hmm.. now he kinda looks like Edward Cullen.. haha.. at least he's better looking than the show wan la.. =P

    And she survived.. ;

    Came down wit a terrible sore throat dis few days.. Terrible till i kenot talk and pronounce properly.. tok till all aso "zao sai yam" wan.. dam hate it but my frens keep saying very sexy.. wtf? but thank god i got dis sore throat, cuz if dun have den i might hav 2 join d public speaking competition.. hahaha!

    one of the topic of d public speaking competition is "Money makes the world go round".. i was tinking of speaking bout dis if i was chosen to speak in front (but i wasn't, THANKS to my wonderfully sexy-which i still dun tink so- voice! =D)..

    well, i agree that money makes the world go round.. at least it makes MY world go round..

    People lie, they hurt hearts and ruins trusts.. but money doesn't.. it can't lie, it can't hurt hearts and it doesn't ruin other people's trust.. people is the one who is doing all this.. because of money and other things they do this..

    money can't buy love? depends on what kind of love you mean.. mine kind of love is shoes, bags, clothes and so on.. oh yeah.. alcohol as well (and no, i'm not an alcoholic!).. =D if u mean human love, than i dun think i really want it.. as i said, people lies and hurt other people..

    money can't buy happiness?? yeah rite! Money can so buy happiness.. i find happiness when i'm spending money.. it's called retail therapy.. lolx..

    so, that's y i believe money makes my world go round! some1 had said that you can never be too thin or too rich.. i agree bout the rich part but not so on the thin part.. lolx..

    oh yea.. tat night i drank clear tequila wit my frens at ridzuan.. dam freaking fun lo! feels like forever since i touched alcohol.. there was actually 5 of us but den 1 of my fren was on d fon so leave onli 4.. we played "hai dai ah hai dai" and truth or dare.. all d dares dam stupid and all d truths are dam blue wan.. hahaha!

    after sending 1 of my fren home to another block, me n 1 of my fren played in the children swimming pool awhile and went back home with legs and d hem of d pants all wet! now tat i tink back, i wonder wat those ppl was thinking wen looking at us.. hahaha.. after tat, v cont playing truth or dare till v slept..

    next morning was a totally different feeling.. i woke up wit a fucking hangover! never in my entire drinking life i've a hangover.. pounding headache, upset stomach n all.. dam sux wei.. tat's y i decided i'm NEVER gonna touch those clear tequila anymore! golden tequila i ok la but den d clear wan i kenot.. or mayb is cheap quality wan.. i dunno.. all i noe is NO MORE!

    all this reminds me of langkawi.. except d hangover part! sigh.. dam miss langkawi now..

    k la.. got 2 ciao d.. wanna bath den eat dinner d.. still got d terrible sore throat but not as bad as wed n thurs d.. but den got a terrible flu now.. T.T

    And she survived.. ;

    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Bitch, i hate you.

    i dun giv a fuck if u read this.. probably it's better if u do so that you'll know how much of a bitch you are! i'm nt d kind of ppl who will bitch about ppl in MY blog, but i really can't help it.. From term1 till now.. I've been nice enough to juz smile at all your rubbish things but after redang i really kenot tahan d! i don't even know why r u doing this.. what's wit the fucking attitude? i'm nt ur mom OR ur close fren ok? so don't show me tat fucking BLACK face.. (literally black actually) news flash! i dun even like you tat much..

    PLEASE don't forget who brought you into the hse! I welcomed you to the hse (with open arms, thinking we will have so much fun) wit my frens who don't even know you.. infact they wasn't so thrilled tat you were staying there.. but i told dem tat you r one of my good fren in college so in de end dei said ok.. now i tink i'm starting to regret..

    So, dis is how you repay me? by being a bitch to me? you better watch your actions n mouth bitch, cuz if 1 day wen i really kenot stand you, i might juz kick you out of that dam hse.. nt every1 like you staying dere you know.. so it'll be easy 4 me to do tat..

    Always showing off (saying how great/smart she is) and such a hypocrite (saying things which indirectly means i'm a whore, well look who's the whore now?) ! If u think i'm a bitch, you haven seen the real bitch in me yet!

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Went n watched Journey to the center of the earth fri nite.. not bad leh! i sumore say dowan watch de show at 1st cuz i tot it's gonna b boring wit a capital B.. haha.. sumore i watch is d 3D version wan.. so lagi syok!

    i tot will headache after d movie cuz usually i wil wan lo.. but den no wor.. still perfectly fine after d movie.. d show nt bad la but den nt d kind i will watch again la..

    Get smart is d kind i will watch again n again juz 2 laff my ass off! hahaha.. tat wan dam fucking funny.. really from start laff till end.. =D

    now left wanted n hancock 2 watch.. but den alot of ppl say hancock so-so ni so i aso tinking wanna watch anot.. hmm.. might b a waste of $$..

    Working 2day.. n nx sat, sun n mon as well.. i'm supposed 2 do my training report now wan.. but den kenot tink d so i take a break 1st! keke.. once i get my pay 4 dis month i wanna go shopping! OR shld i save it n buy myself d HP Tablet PC i wanted so so so very much?

    Anyway, customer coming out d.. Ciao~

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, July 6, 2008



    (i think i'm hypervenlating!)

    ok, so some of you may wonder what the fuck is going on but SERIOUSLY!


    How (in the world) can they cast a not so handsome actor as Edward Cullen (yes, Edward Cullen) in the movie TWILIGHT??

    WHY? WHY??


    Yeah sure d poster looks kinda cool n mysterious. BUT! once i saw d scences pic, i wanted 2 faint!

    They spoiled my mood 2 watch d movie.. so most probably i WON'T watch! humph!

    Stupid casting people..

    ps: dun say i'm nuts cuz u noe dam well i'm not.. mayb abit crazy though..

    And she survived.. ;

    I've decided d.. i abso-fucking-lutely love my KL job.. it's so so SO much more fun than d other wan..

    Love it cuz:

    Can on9/ free internet usage
    take naps relax in d treatment room(wit d soft music, air cond n comfy bed)
    can use all d hot pillows(gud 4 relieving muscles) n cold eye pillows(but i wear makeup so kenot)
    can drink d yummy mixed berry juice
    no nit 2 run in n out of d stor (infact, no nit 2 run anywhere cuz d therapist does everything 4 me) =D
    no stupid fussy customers (d customers here r so much more "high class" n friendly; especially d mat saleh-s)

    all i nit 2 do is:

    pick up calls
    take down appointment
    juggle d appointments so it doesn't clash(which sumtimes i hate)
    advice customers on packages
    collect $$
    update daily sales
    close accounts
    that's ALL! n she pays me 3x higher den my other job.. and lesser working hours..

    too bad i can only work on sundays.. haihz.. hopefully i get mondays or fridays off so i can work as well.. =D

    n she calls me her "senior" staff cuz i started wit her earlier den another 3 more ppl.. but i was MIA 4 d past 9 mths.. lolx.. anyways, she let me work on sunday 2 start off n pick back my "momentum"(as wat she said.. lolx) den only let me work on sat cuz it's super bz on sat..

    it's kinda bz 2day too.. had 2 turn down alot of appointment n d book is fucking full d..


    wat is hate is.....

    when i KENOT find d customer's fucking card!! dam fustrating u noe.. cuz she does it all manually so means i hav 2 search thru 3 drawers of fucking papers! wat is d use of d comp if all is done manually?? haihz..
    bus still okie la.. nt so bad cuz it happens only once in a while..

    oh ya.. tmr i no college yet!! YAY! tues onli start.. hope dei keep it like tat.. hehe..
    ?Random pic: my darling boy~ (he was going 2 sleep n being d bad owner i am, i disturbed him) lolx..

    ps: pics of d boots will b updated soon.. i dam lz wanna update it now.. =D

    and yes, i'm at work now.. =p

    And she survived.. ;

    Thursday, July 3, 2008


    start from dis morning 1st.. 2day i tell my boss i kena food poisoning so not going work.. keke! instead went 1u wit duckie, fishy n snakey..

    Went dere shop shop shop.. spent 300bucks den onli decided 2 come back.. wen going back v drop fishy 1st ma.. i sit behind d driver (duckie), snakey is at passenger side n fishy beside me at d back of snakey..

    THEN RITE..!

    went fish go down d car (at her side la) n close d door rite, i looked at her 2 wave bye ma.. guess what i fucking saw??

    a lizard!!

    a BLACK lizard!!

    a quite HUGE black lizard!!

    on d door at fishy's side! i din even realized i scream until dei told me later.. but i noe i point at it n den straight away run out of d car! den duckie n snakey aso jump out cuz dei saw me jump.. it wld be fucking funny if it wasn't so scary tat time!

    fishy sumore can say v very yeng cuz all jump out at d same time! hahahhaa!! den her mom came out cuz v all screaming "WAT TO DO??!!" wen i finally told dem is a lizard.. hahaha!

    while her mom went 2 get d cockroach spray (i noe it says cockroach but most probably anything aso will die rite?) v keep closing n opening d door in HOPES tat it will suddenly drop down n run away or smtg..

    Then fishy took d spray from her mom n go 2 d car.. SO BRAVE!! lolx.. but in d end aso is her mom spray d lizard.. sumore fishy dam funny.. everytime her mom spray d lizard, fish scream dam loud.. her mom spray 4 or 5 times den she scream 4 or 5 times.. make me duckie n snakey laff like mad at d back only.. hahahha!

    i shld hav took a video la.. den can show horny n all fish's expression! hahaha.. now i tinking of it i aso laff like stupid onli.. lolx!

    in d end, d lizard fell down n ran away.. n v manage 2 go back home PEACEFULLY! but wit sore throat n stomach ache from laffing TOO MUCH! hahaha..

    Dis reminds me last time i in ridzuan using d comp in d living room.. 1 of my fren (dun really rmb who d) was sitting beside me wit her laptop.. den rite, sudd i saw a blackish-brownish
    thing flying at d back but i dun care la.. tot is small bug ni.. den sudd it land a d wall a couple feet away from me.. n i LOOKED UP..

    n i scream (i remembered) n ran into my room where another 2 more fren was dere.. den my fren who was sitting nx 2 me saw me scream n run den she ASO scream n run into 2 room wit me.. hahha..

    den 1 of my fren keep asking me "wat happen?" n all i said was "G-got..got.. g-got.." cuz kenot come out of my mouth n i keep pointing outside.. den he ask my other fren who ran in wit me wat happened.. she say she aso dunno wat happened but den saw me scream n run in den she aso blur blur follow me..

    after i heard tat i fall on d bed n laff till dam long.. dei all looking at me like crazy d.. den finally i force d word "cockroach in living room" out..

    eh.. not easy ok.. wen u r frighten, scared n laughing like mad, it's hard 2 say ANYTHING.. hahaha!

    in d end, d cockroach was also killed! hahha..

    but seriously scared me like hell man.. but it owez turns funny in d end.. haha~

    later i post pics of d boots.. now nt free.. hehe..

    [ + = TuRtL3 = + ]

    And she survived.. ;