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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Saturday, March 8, 2008

    Last tues n wed my college got de blood drive thingy.. den rite.. my n my 2 more fren dam semangat wanna go n donate blood.. i sumore 1st time onli donate blood.. i told my eng lecturer tat i wanna go donate blood after my group's presentation n sure she will let lo.. den i met wit shu yee n tracy in de mph dere.. go in n take weight.. ngam ngam 45kg.. dam happy man.. actually de machine is set at 1kg not 0kg.. tat's y i can.. hahah.. den i so happily went n fill in de forms wit shu yee.. tracy din pass de weight thing cuz she onli 41kg.. kesian~ lolx!

    after fill in de forms, v go 2 de table where de nurse will test ur blood type n haemoglobin n all.. wen i walking dere rite, got 1 guy told another student under 18 kenot donate blood.. den i sudd "cap hau" n say if my b'day is yr end can anot? but he still say kenot.. dam disappointed.. den fine lo.. nx year onli i go n donate lo..

    den shu yee cont 2 test blood la.. me n tracy dam sam pat man.. de nurse take abit of shu yee blood den put in a small container filled wit blue blue clr liquid.. or was it green?? i dunno la.. den her blood sink.. so v (me n tracy) ask her tat wan test wat? den she say de haemoglobin crap lo.. if float means nt enuf n sink means enuf.. or was it terbalik?? i aso dunno wat she mumbling la.. hahha

    den she put blue clr liquid n yellow clr liquid on de board where dei test de blood type wan n put abit of shu yee's blood in each.. den mix n all n leave it.. den she say her blood is B.. den me n tracy ask her how she c.. den she explain 2 us..

    if de red dots is in de yellow wan means is B..
    if in blue means is A..
    if both aso got means is AB..
    if both aso dun hav means is O..

    dam sam pat rite v both??
    hahahha.. den sumore wan ask how 2 c is negative or positive.. she say muz go lab test.. lolx

    den shu yee go 2 another table.. dei take blood pressure n key in de data in2 de comp.. me n shu yee got pierce our body within de pass 6 mths ma.. so de nurse dun let her donate blood aso.. disappointing~

    so in de end.. v all dam ZHA DOU.. especially me.. cuz:

    1. actually nt heavy enuf.. another 1kg den enuf d..

    2. haven 18 yet!!!!!!! so not fair T.T

    3. i 4got my blood pressure is quite low.. but mayb wif all de stress it might go up.. hahah

    4. i pierced my stomach in jan..

    haihz.. nvm! i nx year wanna donate blood.. so tattoo i wan 2 do after training.. give it 1 mth 2 heal.. haha.. IF i got enuf money la.. lolx.. i wan 2 tattoo it on my wrist.. so can use watch cover.. den small small wan..
    den i wan 2 do another 1 on my right wrist.. but i haven draw yet n haven confirm i wan wat yet.. =D

    oh yes.. i say dam long i wanna post my room pics in ridzuan n lgk.. here is ridzuan wan..
    my room.. share wif another 2 more fren.. take a wild guess which is my bed.. lolx!
    our super messy dressing table.. actually more messy wan.. but i tidy it up abit d.. keke
    dis is supposed 2 be de center piece wen i jadi RM wan.. but den dun hav 2 flowers cuz de table 2 full d (table d'hote setting)..

    now bout pat's bday.. i noe is quite long d.. but nw onli i post.. hehe..
    my TEQUILA SUNRISE.. yummy~
    after eating.. really eat till wan die man.. dam FULL~!

    i wanted 2 upload sumore pictures wan.. but den dunno got wat prob.. haihz.. nvm la.. nx post onli upload la.. mayb later at nite try again.. hehe..


    And she survived.. ;