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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
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So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Wednesday, May 28, 2008

    1st things 1st.. TURTLES!! BABY TURTLES~!! but too bad is not i take wan.. is tracy took it at club med den sent it to me.. but den still CUTE! =D n i saw real life turtles swimming in d sea~!

    After almost 2 months staying in a tiny island (yes it's waaay much smaller den langkawi) i'm finally back in kl..

    it was a wonderful-ly fun n nice 2 months wit d magnificent beach n d sparkling sea! (minus d stupid small fishes which kept bitting me)
    Ain't it beautiful? =D

    de bus trip dere..

    OMG! I am NEVER (and i mean NEVER not unless u gimme millions of $$ den may i'll tink of it =D) gonna take a bus 4 a long period of time especially at nite! at 1st everything was ok wan.. i sat wit my fren P near d window n J sat on de other side near d window.. den de bus took off n i fell asleep after awhile.. den mayb bout 2 hrs later i woke up n J said dere r cockroach..


    fucking C-O-C-K-R-O-A-C-H!!

    scared me like HELL onli!! den wen v stopped at a bus station at bout 1 or 2 smtg, v went n bought cockroach spray.. n wen i told d bus driver dere are cockroaches in his bus, u noe wat he said? he freaking said, "ye ke? mesti krn makanan dlm bus." den he walked away n din do anything.. den de whole time from d bus station till de destination, me n J was like dis every few minutes:

    "where's d torchlight?"

    "where's d spray??"

    "carmen, gimme ur heel!" (2 hit de roaches)

    "OMG! still got la!!"

    "Y so many wan??? T.T"

    "wen r v reaching??"

    dam swt rite.. i dunno whether i shld b lucky or unlucky tat i reached d destination 1 hr earlier den estimated.. cuz we reached dere bout 5am.. den everything was CLOSED! nthg 2 do nthg 2 buy no place 2 slp.. v wanted 2 go n rent a room in an inn 2 stay awhile but all was fully booked d.. so v took our luggage n slept in an inn's lobby.. a lobby u noe.. now tat i tink back rite, i realised v were dam kesian.. like backpacker style onli.. lolx!

    den v took d ferry over 2 redang island n a shuttle came 2 fetch us all n drove us 2 d staff quarters..
    dei said d 4th floor is haunted and de 3rd floor at my side of de block, was vacant 4 a loooong time.. freaking scary.. but thank god i din encounter anything weird dere cuz everytime bath aso 1smtg in d morning den if dun hav 3am aso kenot slp wan.. lolx..

    technically, berjaya redang is a very (n i mean very) BORING place.. after 7pm, there r no entertainment at all cuz d sea closes at 7pm.. dangerous ma.. haha.. so d onli thing u can do is go mamak yum cha.. BUT d mamaks closes at 11pm excpet 1 close at 1am.. so after 1am there is ABSOLUTELY N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do.. total boredom..

    unless u go to another side of redang called "Long Beach".. but hav 2 go dere by boat la.. unless u wanna go jungle trekking at 4 at least 1 hr.. lolx.. dere at least still got disco n karaoke.. n dere actually sells alcohol 4 a reasonable price.. (but obviously not as cheap as langkawi la)

    i went 2 d beach practically every time i work d morning shift(8am-4pm).. went snorkelling around d beach n saw many fishes but of course nt as nice as those i saw wen i went marine park n island hopping.. those fishes were marvelous! freaking colourful man.. too bad i dun hav an underwater cam wit me.. i wanted 2 buy 1 b4 i left but den i was tinking mayb i dun really nit 2 use it underwater.. sigh~

    i saw many funny fishes n d sea while island hopping.. i saw a few sharks as well bout 1.5-1.7m.. 2 me is quite long d but den d boatman said is juz baby shark.. if tat is a baby shark, den i dun wanna noe how big is a big shark is.. haha..

    hmm.. i can't tink of anymore thing 2 write d la.. mayb nx time i'll cont wit other things i did.. hehe.. pics will be posted once i get dem from my fren.. =D


    = TuRtL3 =

    And she survived.. ;