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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

mE m3 Me

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    2010 Resolutions

    + Spend less. Save more.
    + Get another tattoo
    + Control my temper
    + Keep in touch with more people
    + Spend less.
    + To control my impatient-ness
    + Work hard
    + Stop smoking
    + Drink less
    + Stop having blackout nights
    + Exercise more
    + Spend less.
    + Eat more
    + Blog more
    + Stop procasinating
    + Stop skipping meals
    + Master my French

    I *heart*

    + My Bunny
    + Drinking =)
    + Clubbing
    + Chocolates
    + My Besties
    + Laughing
    + Swimming
    + Towering heels
    + Movies
    + Flaming Lamborghini
    + Laughing
    + Sunglasses
    + Dancing in d rain
    + Crying in d dark

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  • And Live In The Present

    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Came down wit a terrible sore throat dis few days.. Terrible till i kenot talk and pronounce properly.. tok till all aso "zao sai yam" wan.. dam hate it but my frens keep saying very sexy.. wtf? but thank god i got dis sore throat, cuz if dun have den i might hav 2 join d public speaking competition.. hahaha!

    one of the topic of d public speaking competition is "Money makes the world go round".. i was tinking of speaking bout dis if i was chosen to speak in front (but i wasn't, THANKS to my wonderfully sexy-which i still dun tink so- voice! =D)..

    well, i agree that money makes the world go round.. at least it makes MY world go round..

    People lie, they hurt hearts and ruins trusts.. but money doesn't.. it can't lie, it can't hurt hearts and it doesn't ruin other people's trust.. people is the one who is doing all this.. because of money and other things they do this..

    money can't buy love? depends on what kind of love you mean.. mine kind of love is shoes, bags, clothes and so on.. oh yeah.. alcohol as well (and no, i'm not an alcoholic!).. =D if u mean human love, than i dun think i really want it.. as i said, people lies and hurt other people..

    money can't buy happiness?? yeah rite! Money can so buy happiness.. i find happiness when i'm spending money.. it's called retail therapy.. lolx..

    so, that's y i believe money makes my world go round! some1 had said that you can never be too thin or too rich.. i agree bout the rich part but not so on the thin part.. lolx..

    oh yea.. tat night i drank clear tequila wit my frens at ridzuan.. dam freaking fun lo! feels like forever since i touched alcohol.. there was actually 5 of us but den 1 of my fren was on d fon so leave onli 4.. we played "hai dai ah hai dai" and truth or dare.. all d dares dam stupid and all d truths are dam blue wan.. hahaha!

    after sending 1 of my fren home to another block, me n 1 of my fren played in the children swimming pool awhile and went back home with legs and d hem of d pants all wet! now tat i tink back, i wonder wat those ppl was thinking wen looking at us.. hahaha.. after tat, v cont playing truth or dare till v slept..

    next morning was a totally different feeling.. i woke up wit a fucking hangover! never in my entire drinking life i've a hangover.. pounding headache, upset stomach n all.. dam sux wei.. tat's y i decided i'm NEVER gonna touch those clear tequila anymore! golden tequila i ok la but den d clear wan i kenot.. or mayb is cheap quality wan.. i dunno.. all i noe is NO MORE!

    all this reminds me of langkawi.. except d hangover part! sigh.. dam miss langkawi now..

    k la.. got 2 ciao d.. wanna bath den eat dinner d.. still got d terrible sore throat but not as bad as wed n thurs d.. but den got a terrible flu now.. T.T

    And she survived.. ;