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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Sunday, December 21, 2008


    Ma de. I suppose 2 can go Spore 2day wan lo. All cuz i dun hav passport den i kenot go! Free tickets u noe! Dam not fair. T.T

    It's gonna be one long ass post. Cuz it's been a really busy few days. Went MOS n genting n all.

    MOS was really fun! But d stupid bartender dunno how 2 do lamborghini wan. Ci bai. He balance a Galiano bottle on a bar blade but den kenot balance. So d stupid btl fell down n knocked my head. Dam pain lo. And all d liqueur spilt everywhere.

    God knows what time i went back but dei said bout 5am. Din even go back my hse cuz too drunk tired so went 2 a fren's hse 2 slp. Lolx.

    Den later bout 7am woke up 2 go GENTING. Wah, i dam sleepy d lo. Really really dun wanna go d but den i promised dem n all. So i good fren ma! Sure i drag my ass out of d hse n crawl 2 d car la. Haha!

    Met sim at d ktm at 7.30 or 8 (i aso dunno la, can't rmb). Only 6 of us -Sim, Max, Kevin, Jojo, Selyna n me- went cuz d rest partied too hard last nite =D Travelled all d way 2 KL sentral but den d earliest bus ticket is at 1pm (or smtg like tat) so v took a 1 bloody long hr bus ride to 1u to take d bus dere. Max slept like a bloody log man. D bus sit so uncomfortable he aso can slp. Pui fook Pui fook. Haha

    We finally reached Genting bout 12pm den straight away went into Theme Park! It was so so so worth it to buy d EXPRESS PASS. Juz another extra RM6 den can juz CUT LINE! Feel kinda bad la. Seeing those ppl wait so long d, den v sudd came in from d exit and got in 1st. Lolx

    Sim dam funny lo. When v playing Cyclone (d small roller coaster), i sat v sim and max was at d back. Those 2 scream like so hai ni and dam dam embrassing. Cuz when d cart not even moving, still at d station, dei already screaming. Screaming aso nvm, scream dam loud aso nvm, scream at my ear i aso tahan. But den every1 looking at us like jakun ni. Like nvr sit roller coaster b4. Dunno from which kampung wan. Hahaha

    Den when d roller coaster stops, it stops dam sudden wan. So our whole body like kena throw in front. Den tat sim ngam ngam "sok kan pei sui" n when sudd stop, his body kenot fight d force n d pei sui fly out n land between his feet. DAM DISGUSTING man! Make me laff like idiot ni. Lolx

    Den d pirate ship more funny. Max me n kevin sit at d highest end on 1 side den jojo sim n selyna sit at d opposite side. Got a bunch of children n parents sitting between us. When d ride ngam ngam start, max started screaming (u shld know he scream like a girl getting gang banged =p) n d rows in front of us all looked back n jeling us. Haha

    After a while i looked at sim n sim dam dam dam FUNNY! u know how ppl scream like
    *cough*max*cough* or like AHHH or WOO or smtg like tat. But sim is dam diff wan. He screams like ROOOAAAARRRR!! Like a dinosaur!! HAHHAHA

    I laff till cry dere. He sumore close eyes n open mouth big big n RRROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!! I'll keep tat image in my memory 4eva. Shld have taken a pic la. Lolz

    Den v played Corkscrew n i sat in front wit selyna. But selyna wasted d chance lo cuz she pulled her hood down n tucked her head aside. Din even look at d track. Sigh. But i play till dam syok la. =D

    Oh ya, ALL my life, i've never won anything playing those games where u hook rubber duckies n c if u won anything. Tat day, 4 d 1st time 1 actually WON a small bear bear! When v playing d flume ride, i put d bear2 at d shelf n i 4got 2 take it after.

    So i went back down d stairs 2 take it but half way down, dei all were asking d lady 2 throw d bear2 up. So i keep screaming no but tat lady like dam excited and stupid cuz she threw it 2 wrong way n guess what. D bear hit d rails n fell down. Fell down aso nvm, sumore wanna roll down into 2 water.

    In d end, my 1st bear2 i won playing rubber duckie is still swiming in genting. T.T

    Graduation was ok except i 4got 2 bring a blazer. I brought all my formal clothes back and me n tracy had 2 hunt d hse 4 2 pairs of decent formal wear. Haha

    And i got Very Honourable Pass with Congratz form Jury. But dunno score la. Dunno is a good thing or bad thing.

    Some pics: (cuz d rest still in my fon. Lazy)
    waiting 4 space shot. Look at jojo, like v forced her there =D
    Me n max's tattoo. D rest din wanna spend $$ lolx


    PS: horny, i noe u're coming back. SLEEPOVER! =D

    And she survived.. ;