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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Friday, January 9, 2009

    It's been a really fun and crazy few days! (It's gonna be a freaking long post wit pics n all) =D

    1st off, i went spore! And i was dam excited cuz i've never been dere b4 (dun look at me like tat) =) We were suppose 2 stay only 2 nites but extended till 3 nites.

    1st day

    Got woke up at freaking 5.15am by max cuz he's being paranoid n sked Kevin wld sudd nt go thus making me kenot go aso. But in d end at 7am, we (me n kevin n his family) were off 2 spore d. Once reached dere v went to his relative hse 4 lunch den only go find max (who was waiting 4 us in a hotel 4 really long haha).

    After tat v went around looking 4 hotel to stay. Tried bout 5-6 diff hotels all aso exp so finally v tried Strand Hotel (or smtg like tat) and got promo! Only $128 per nite. So v straight away took it. D room was freaking nice la! So much better den d stupid Beach Hotel which was $160 per nite.

    When slping time i dam kesian. 1st nite slp on floor (freaking hard) cuz when kevin moves, d whole bloody bed aso move wan so kenot slp at all. Den 2nd nite i manage 2 hog most of d bed. Push max n kev till d end =) n 3rd day ok ok la. i dunno bout dem but i can slp quite comfortable haha

    After finding hotel, v rested and went orchard road n kai kai. I got take alot of pics dere but den i ter-delete all. lolx. We walked from 1 end to another where our hotel is. Stoped at a Giraffe kinda bar/restaurant n drank mango margarita. No tequila or triple sec taste at all. Den v sumore ask d bartender whether can tapao anot cz my room got tequila ma. But d waiter say kenot so i hav 2 finish my tasteless margarita dere.

    Once v reach back room bath den do wat? Obviously play big2 la. Loser drink. Haha. After kev knock out d den me n max went down 2 hav a walk. Bought a cigar n tried it. Dun really rmb d taste but when smoke till near d end all d smoke was hot n i tink i burnt my tongue. Haha

    Bed in our room.

    D plasma tv! cool leh? sumore our rom ni $128

    What v drank. every. single. nite. n finished it!

    2nd day

    Cz all unis are closed 4 enquiries, v went to d beach! at bloody 12pm. So freaking hot la. and we were dere till bout 7pm. Took mrt n monorial to Sentosa Beach. Actually i wanted 2 learn roller blading but d guy dere say d ground is rough so nt good 4 beginners so me n kev rent a 2 ppl bike cuz i can't cycle. Haha. N max roller bladed. V went around d whole place till lazy d den finally go beach.

    Sat at d Bikini Bar n all d girls dere really wear bikini 2 work. Dam sexy man. Lolx. Only me n max went swimming cz kevin din wanna go under d sun. We swam out till d floating jetty which was dam far n d waters were freaking deep. After we (more like i) struggled to climb up, v sunbath dere. Haha. Dam, i seriously got darker.

    When it gotta hotter, v decided 2 go back 2 d beach d. Den hav 2 jump in d waters ma. I dam sked wanna jump water wan. So i hold my nose n jump n i almost drowned! Cz i hold my nose nt tight enuf n all water go in n i swallowed quite alot. Lucky max dere if nt i confrim drown d. N all those salt water made me sore throat! Dammit!

    After tat, v were juz hanging out at d beach playing Big2 (yes again!) n biggest loser gotta drink 5 bloody shots. At 1st i was winning n max losing wan den suddenly last 5 games he win all! i dam zha dau lo. But instead of 5 shots, i managed 2 make it only 3. =)

    After tat i wanted 2 build sand castle but max say wanna bury me. So he ownself dig hole n i build my castle myself. But after awhile i lz d. So i help him dig hole. He dam weird funny wan lo. He wanted 2 bury me 90 degree down meaning he gotta dig at least 5ft into d sand (n digging 1ft was edi hard enuf haha). In d end v bury me lying down. Sand went into my eyes, nose, mouth n ears. Disgusting and painful. But quite fun Lolx.

    Big 2, ferero roacher (given by a nice laundry lady) n Spore sling

    Max. emoing cz at 1st he kept losing =p


    Me building my sand castle n max digging a "5ft" hole =)

    My ugly sand castle(which i gave up after awhile) Haha

    Helping max dig d hole.

    Ready to get burried =)

    Getting burried.

    Like dead d. Dam scary. Sumore d sand freaking heavy make me hard 2 breathe.

    I look like some sort of mummy. n sand in d hair was a pain in d ass. Seriously. dam hard wanna get it all out Lolx

    D beautiful sunset. N at d bottom right is d floating jetty.

    3rd day

    Woke up late and went out to find unis. I was dam shocked when dei say dei dun recognize Taylors Diploma. I seriosuly feel like burning down d bloody taylors d!! Dei dun even KNOW Taylor's college. Only UNLV recognize Taylors but den is freaking exp! Total course is $70k but after exemptions shld b around $55k. All in Sing Dollar. T.T

    After tat we went shopping at Bugis Junction n went to eat at Seoul Garden. A korean bbq/stemboat buffet place. Each ppl bout $21 and we were on a so called "budget". Hahaha.

    Big Small boys playing wit small toys. Haha

    D amount of beef d guys took was SCARY! it's like a bloody mountain. I swear!

    D ice kacang max made. Full of jellies! =) When i can't finish d ice, v poured it all into d soup.

    And when d soup turned pinkish red, d fish ball thingy as turned pink as well. Gross~

    Max Man made soup. Inside got, jellies, syrup, prawns, an egg (which i ate later), durian ice cream (disgusting, i noe), loads of salt n pepper, lime and alot more. When i 1st drink, it has d disgusting durian taste. But after tat, i was nt bad. Surpised? i noe, can't believe max can actually cook! Haha

    4th day

    Woke up early and went 4 compli breakkie downstairs. All 3days n dis was d only day v went 4 breakkie. Haha. Kev had to leave extra early cz he got exam at UNLV. For a hotel so cheap, i was surprised dei gave breakfast 4 2ppl. Although nt buffet but still quite nice.

    Then v had lunch at a Jap restaurant n all. After tat v travelled all d way 2 Nanyang n waste $30 cuz dei say dei dun recognize Taylors. Ci bai, nx time i call pick d fucking fon up la! Waste my time n $$ ni.

    After tat, v went back hotel and took our luggage n max left to go his new hse n me n kev left to go buy bus ticket. Bus left at 5pm and d girl said will reach at round 10pm. I aso abit skeptical cuz kevin drove at freaking 140-160km/h n he aso took bout 4hrs. In d end, d bus reached back bout 11smtg almost 12am i tink. Dam tiring!

    Cute rite? Took it a at restaurant.

    OK! finally finish bout spore. now on to Lagoon!

    D day after i came back from spore, i went to Lagoon wit horny, fish, duckie n jojo. Dam tiring but super fun! Went dere at 1pm with d sun shining so brightly. I swear i'm super tanned now! Serious. Haha

    I lazy wanna describe everything d la. Spore was already a long ass post. I doubt any1 wld read tat much anyway (cuz i confrim wun) =)

    Fish, horny, jojo

    Duckie, fish, me

    Horny, duckie, me

    love ur *heart* shape sunglasses =)

    After=all look like drowned. Haha

    Me n fish attacking food! Dam hungry =)

    K la, i aso wanna finish work d. I started writing it bout 2pm n now is already 7.30pm. Haha.


    Ps: I'll Miss u horny! xoxo

    And she survived.. ;