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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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    + Spend less.
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    + Drink less
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    + Spend less.
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    + Blog more
    + Stop procasinating
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  • And Live In The Present

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Eating has always been troublesome to me. Since young, i find eating is like going for war. Haha. U have to have strategies to win a battle and so it's d same with eating.

    My strategies are all taught by my parents. Eg: If cannot finish rice nvm, must finish vege n meat. Or don't drink soup 1st (cz soup makes me real full). Eat fast fast cz it takes time to feel full so can eat more before i feel full (bt everytime i did tat, i feel like throwing up after). Or finish the "expensive food"(like shark fin or abalone) 1st, others cannot finish nvm. Haha

    I remember when young, i use to eat only rice with soup (cz i really really hated veggies- which explains my height now Haha) and i always press the rice down flat in the plate to make it look like pizza. Then i'll divide it to several portions n concentrate on finishing 1 portion 1st then move on to another portion. And everytime i finish 1 portion i'll congratulate myself. It's like a game which i hated.

    One CNY a few yrs back, i drank a whole can of f&n orange n i skipped dinner cz i was too full (cz it's gas + water). N my uncle said tat i'm really easy to rear (yes, like a bloody pet) cz i don't eat alot- read save money. He said give me 2 cans of coke daily enough d. This is why i hardly drink anymore gassy drinks. Haha. N maybe the fact that it's loaded with gas n i find it hard 2 swallow. Lolx

    And i learnt a long time ago to not leave the best for last. Cuz usually bt d time i wanna eat "d best", i'll already be too freaking full. So wasted. Lolx. So 4 me, the best has always gotta come 1st. No matter what =)

    To me, eating is like a task. Usually, i'm just too lazy to eat and to acknowledge my hunger. Give me something interesting to do or keep me real busy, and i can totally forget about eating until i smell food or i realise the time. That's y me n gastric are like best friend. My mom says i'll get stomach ulcer 1 day. We'll see about that.

    People always ask me "U eat so little will full meh?". Hello? I'm a small eater la sure i'll be full. U think i don't wanna eat more izzit? I'm like my mom. She eats little too. And yet i don't understand why she'll force me to eat alot back then.

    I have 2 maybe 3 friends who eat food triple my amount (maybe more 4 someone). N it's really scary. I really really don't know how they do it and where d food goes. Haha.

    And now, i've gotta go eat d lunch my mom cooked. I think she knows if i don't have food with me, i might not eat cz im too lazy to go n buy. But i do eat! Granted that most of it is junk food or sweets, but at least im still eating right?

    Hugs n kisses

    And she survived.. ;