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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009


    Rain always has this ability to make me feel special and sometimes loved since i was really young. And i don't mean that Korean singer Rain. Lolx.

    I just find there's something really romantic when it rains. I love it when i'm in a car with someone when it rains. And it's dark out there and u can hear the silent pitter patter of the rain and see it hit the windshield. It always makes me feel secure n cosy. =)

    Or when i'm at home. I just feel like curling up n sleep or read a book with a cup pf warm milo. Or sometimes i just stare out through the window n get hypnotized by d rain.

    Or when i'm outside. If i'm not expected to go anywhere important, i just love to stand there in d middle of a heavy down pour. There's just something soothing bout it. I don't know why.

    But not every1 thinks that playing in d rain is fun. They just don't understand the contentment n happiness one can experience when they're in the rain. Especially me. =) There were a few people who forbid me 2 play in d rain n made me promise them. Cz they were afraid i would fall sick. But let me tell u, i really don't mind getting sick at all if i get to enjoy myself in the rain. Haha

    I rmb last time in secondary school i always had this tendency to play in the rain till i'm soaked to the boned b4 i go in d car. Then d uncle or aunty wld always scold me cz i was getting their seat all wet. I even went to d extend where i'll bring n empty bag back cz i didn't want my things 2 get wet. Haha

    And there was that time in Langkawi when me n Yee finished work bout 4pm n it was raining. So we changed out of our uniform, grabed some snacks n went to d beach. It was just drizzling tat time n we wanted 2 watch LIMA. So v pulled those mats from the beach chair to d middle of d beach n lie on it. And then it rained heavier.

    We were getting soaked, watching bits of LIMA, chatting n eating d snack. It was fun! Haha. And then we were just walking around n dancing n all in d rain. Tat was d last time i really really played and laughed in d rain.

    And i really really really missed it.

    Oh, there was another time where i walked in d rain. It was after clubbing in MOS with denise n her frens. When we came out, it was raining. So we walked all d way 2 d car although it was only a short walk it was really refreshing. Cz every1 was sweating in the club n d rain made me feel all better already. =)

    So next time it rains, let's just dance in the rain. Provided i'm nt doing anything important la. Lolx

    Oh and btw, i don't know if you read my blog but i just want to say u won. I thought i could get over it but u know what? I lost. Simple as that.
    I'm already trying really hard to forget bout it.

    And she survived.. ;