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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    I'm confused and later on, pissed. Haha

    I've got 3 supervisors C, K and F. C and i ok la like friends n all got talk. But K and F i hardly talk at all. Then suddenly ystd K called me 2 tell me what time he fetching me n he damn friendly lo (he actually said bye, usually he just end the call w/o saying anything). Ask me where am i and eat dinner d anot n all. Cz usually they just call me say time then bye d.

    And then in d car he suddeny became my BFF cz he talked all the way till Cheras. Told me bout his life n all. Usually with him and F is quiet journey. No sound except radio. So imagine all those question marks dancing on my head. Lol

    And sometimes i really hate those supervisor man. Seriously. I said i don't wanna work on fri then they said kenot cz not enough ppl. So fine la i work fri n i say sun i don't wanna work. They promised me sun no nit work. Then ystd suddenly tell me sun got meeting. And when i said i can't go, sun i got things 2 do, they said no one tell u meh? DAm cibai la they all!! Seriously pissing me off only!

    Then i keep saying no, i sunday not free got alot of things 2 do. And he can say but it's at night wor kenot meh? CIBAI, if i free i aso won't fucking GO la!! Cz it's dam fucking boring and pointless. Why in d world wld i wanna waste precious time with them? Lol

    So i say i bz from after dinner till late n u know what they say? They say oh nvm, only 1 hr ni from 10pm-11pm. Then i say back so u want me 2 go meeting in d middle of my thing la? N he said yes. So i look at him and said Sorry can't i bz and i din talk 2 them except to complain when are we going back. Lol

    But serious la, they all give me the feel that they're kinda not so smart. Not 2 say i'm smart or anything, but sometimes when i talk 2 them (even the boss), i feel like using my manicured nail 2 dig my eyes out. Or stab myself with a plastic spoon. It's like they don't understand what u trying 2 say and i usually resort 2 use very "pasar" language 2 talk 2 them. Fuck, demoting myself man. Haha

    Then there was this customer (from spore) ystd, i was talking 2 him ma n he already said he'll buy 10 neat shots. So of course u talk awhile then drink ma, not force him 2 finish all 5 in a row ma rite? My "girl leader" suddenly dunno come out from where and started 2 harrass him. Poor thing man. She thought he haven buy yet then keep saying "buy la, buy la". Then she sumore talk really loud n all.

    After she go d, d customer said she like pasar auntie only. And seriously, i couldn't agree more. They're all nice and all but then the way they talk and act is really like they grew up in pasar ni. It's ok with me but after a while u can't help but cring at most of the things they do. Embarassing. Lol

    Anyway, i'm bored of my job!! Dam sien la. The only nice part of it now is meeting customers who are nice 2 talk 2( met 2 ystd) and drinking. And i tell u all, DON'T BUY ANY SHOOTERS IN PUBS OR CLUBS, ANYWHERE. Cz it's dam cheating ppl money 1. That's 1 of d reason i don't wanna work anymore. I feel like i'm cheating ppl of their hard earned money. Ok, maybe not so hard earned for some ppl. Lol

    In Tao (pub) the tequila is 1/3 and sprite is 2/3 and it's only half shot combined.

    Then in Babyface (pub) is 1/5 tequila and 4/5 sprite cz the customers there don't know how 2 drink at all (they don't know that all they're drinking is actually sprite and a hint of tequila).

    In Somo (pub) is slightly better (only slightly!) cz it's a new kind of liquour called Angel liquild 68% from swiss and it's really strong. so not so bad. But still, the liquour is 1/4 and cranberry jc is 3/4.

    But in Coco is the worst. 95% is tonic and 5% is gin. And when u drink, it's like fucking mineral water. Tasteless, And it's fucking RM20 for 1.

    So when some customer knows that there are little liquour in it, they usually offer 2 buy me a whole bottle. Cz seriously, u and i know it's much worth it. Even Tao sells pure FULL tequila shooters at only RM15. Our's is 20 and u can barely taste the tequila.

    So, DON'T BUY ANY SHOOTERS. If u want, go buy a bottle and u can keep for nx time if cannot finish or CALL ME (i help u finish). Hahaha

    And she survived.. ;