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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Sunday, December 6, 2009

    Word of the day (actually weekend): TIRED

    Freaking tired. Worked 3 back to back shift. 40+ hours without a wink of sleep. Drank tons and tons of coffee to keep me running. And when i finally slept, i was slightly late for work cz i couldn't wake up. Lol

    It all started on fri. Went to Hilton to sign my employment letter and some paperwork. And they actually pay for the 2 hours i was there signing paperwork! lol Then i had work in the bistro after that till 2am. And a 6am shift the nx morning at Hilton till 2 pm followed by a 6pm-1am shift back at the bistro. Once i came back i crashed till i woke up late for my evening shift at the bistro.

    This is still alright. Next week is the real horror. It's not cz i'm working everyday. It's cz i got 4 days of double shifts at different places. Especially wed and thurs cz i got 5am-2pm shift at Hilton followed by 6pm-12/1/2am shift at the bistro. Fri and sat not too bad cz only got 5 hrs shift each day in the morning then evening shift in the bistro. Although i'm only part-time in Hilton, i got full-time shifts cz they wanna train me to take a full-time shift in jan once the lounge re-opens. Woohoo!

    And the reason why i'm still working at the bistro cz there's a hot guy working there. A seriously hot guy. The drop dead gorgeous kind. The hotter version of Rob Pattinson kind. Damnnnn. Hahaha! No la. Well, the guy is part of the reason but the real reason is cz the Hilton lounge will close for 2 weeks during xmas and the bistro is under staffed now. So i feel bad if i leave them hanging ezpecially when they dont have enough people and i want to work during the 2 weeks "break".

    So all i have to do now is balance these 2 jobs for another 2 1/2 weeks and i'll be fine. And it's tough balancing between both of it. Cz i can't say no to Hilton cz they are training me to take the full time position which is what i want. But i also cant say no to the bistro cz it's december=tons of function and not enough staff. That's y i pull 8 hrs shift in the morning and 6 hrs shift at night.

    But it's all worth it. =)

    And it still feels sureal that i got the Hilton job! And best part is i got it on my own without uni's help (not that they help much). And they got tons of benefits! They got this "Be A Guest" program where I get to stay one night in the hotel with comp bfast and dinner in the 4th/5th month and all i have to do is fill in a feedback form. Nice~! And i get 2 days off weekly with 4 weeks annual leave. 4 weeks! and i'm only a part-timer there now.

    And it's so damn relaxing working in the lounge. I get to eat good food and there is no pressure like in the bistro. All i have to do is make sure there is enough supplies in the lounge and chat with the customers.

    But one thing i dont like is the uniform! Dont get me wrong, the uniform is nice and professional looking cz it's a blazer and skirt but then they dont have my size. Their smallest is a size 8 and it's still huge. But for now they dont have a size 8 so i'm wearing a size 10 and i feel like a little girl wearing her mother's clothings. Seriously. It's pissing me off that it's like that everywhere. Why can't they have uniforms from size 4/6 onwards? Sometimes i feel like getting fatter so i can fill in the clothes nicely. Cz it sux that the clothes are too loose and ppl who can fill their clothes out nicely looks really nice.

    I have got to sleep already. If not i can't wake up tmr. Lol

    PS: "Why A stay fo far away from u? hahi hahi hahi." Thanks for making me laugh till i cry! hahahah (no one will understand this joke unless u are denise and shinyi lol)

    And she survived.. ;