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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

mE m3 Me

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    2010 Resolutions

    + Spend less. Save more.
    + Get another tattoo
    + Control my temper
    + Keep in touch with more people
    + Spend less.
    + To control my impatient-ness
    + Work hard
    + Stop smoking
    + Drink less
    + Stop having blackout nights
    + Exercise more
    + Spend less.
    + Eat more
    + Blog more
    + Stop procasinating
    + Stop skipping meals
    + Master my French

    I *heart*

    + My Bunny
    + Drinking =)
    + Clubbing
    + Chocolates
    + My Besties
    + Laughing
    + Swimming
    + Towering heels
    + Movies
    + Flaming Lamborghini
    + Laughing
    + Sunglasses
    + Dancing in d rain
    + Crying in d dark

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  • And Live In The Present

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    What a slow day at work. I fell asleep and woke up and fell asleep again! haha
    1st thing 1st, i finally pierced my ears! i wanted 2 pierce 4 so long but den college n restaurant class kenot lolx.
    Dis whole week i did nothing but baked. N baked. N baked. Haha.

    Cherry swiss tarts

    cherry choc cookies (b4 bake)

    Cherry Choc cookies (after bake) 4got 2 take a pic until i put all in d container haha

    Dun rmb wat's called. Vanilla smtg shortbread or smtg like tat

    Looks like hamburger rite? dam cute haha

    P'apple tarts which i just did last nite. Now i noe y ppl charge so much 4 1 can. TOO TIRING!

    Oh. i fried nagku aso. My last time ever doing tat. I would much rather pay 2 buy it. Lolz

    Much <3


    And she survived.. ;

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    I can't SLEEP! My sleeping time is fucking messed up. I'm gonna get panda eyes 4 cny. Sigh.

    Just tat day in spore i was saying bout how i will get liver cancer n die cuz i always take my medicine with alcohol.
    Cz taking alcohol is bad enough 4 d liver and my med is aso bad 4 my liver n mix dem 2gather confirm trouble.

    And guess what? When i come back from spore, my grandmother got liver cancer.
    Such irony isn't it? I hope she gets well soon. Cz i don't think she can take another round of chemo anymore.

    Well, on a happier note, cny is coming! means extra income, gambling, new clothes, seeing my cousins (whom i only see a couple times a yr since i started college), acting friendly to strangers (my mom's relatives), loads of family dinners, mountains of cny cookies (confirm fat) n bla bla bla.

    Cny is d time when i feel everything's fine (except 4 d prob wit my mom n her hatred towards her in-laws la). It's d time where i feel my dad and mom actually loves me n i can actually connect with my sis. D time when i can 4get bout my worries 4 a few days.

    Oh, how i love Chinese New Year! =)
    Too bad it's only once every year. Well, if it happens all d time i won't learn to appreciate it anyway.

    I was thinking of another tattoo. A cross this time. Either at d bridge of my rib (d middle) or below my neck at d back. When i got $$ den only decide la. Haha.

    Oh ya. I just don't get why guys don't understand no. Seriously! When i say i'm busy means i really am fucking busy or i'm avoiding you atm. So why can't they just take d god damn hint and leave me alone!

    When i say i'm busy till after cny means i really am busy till then. So don't ask me out during cny la! After tat only call me again n we'll c how. Sheeh!

    I should not hav drank tat iced cafe latte at haagen dazs juz now. Dammit!

    And she survived.. ;

    Friday, January 9, 2009

    It's been a really fun and crazy few days! (It's gonna be a freaking long post wit pics n all) =D

    1st off, i went spore! And i was dam excited cuz i've never been dere b4 (dun look at me like tat) =) We were suppose 2 stay only 2 nites but extended till 3 nites.

    1st day

    Got woke up at freaking 5.15am by max cuz he's being paranoid n sked Kevin wld sudd nt go thus making me kenot go aso. But in d end at 7am, we (me n kevin n his family) were off 2 spore d. Once reached dere v went to his relative hse 4 lunch den only go find max (who was waiting 4 us in a hotel 4 really long haha).

    After tat v went around looking 4 hotel to stay. Tried bout 5-6 diff hotels all aso exp so finally v tried Strand Hotel (or smtg like tat) and got promo! Only $128 per nite. So v straight away took it. D room was freaking nice la! So much better den d stupid Beach Hotel which was $160 per nite.

    When slping time i dam kesian. 1st nite slp on floor (freaking hard) cuz when kevin moves, d whole bloody bed aso move wan so kenot slp at all. Den 2nd nite i manage 2 hog most of d bed. Push max n kev till d end =) n 3rd day ok ok la. i dunno bout dem but i can slp quite comfortable haha

    After finding hotel, v rested and went orchard road n kai kai. I got take alot of pics dere but den i ter-delete all. lolx. We walked from 1 end to another where our hotel is. Stoped at a Giraffe kinda bar/restaurant n drank mango margarita. No tequila or triple sec taste at all. Den v sumore ask d bartender whether can tapao anot cz my room got tequila ma. But d waiter say kenot so i hav 2 finish my tasteless margarita dere.

    Once v reach back room bath den do wat? Obviously play big2 la. Loser drink. Haha. After kev knock out d den me n max went down 2 hav a walk. Bought a cigar n tried it. Dun really rmb d taste but when smoke till near d end all d smoke was hot n i tink i burnt my tongue. Haha

    Bed in our room.

    D plasma tv! cool leh? sumore our rom ni $128

    What v drank. every. single. nite. n finished it!

    2nd day

    Cz all unis are closed 4 enquiries, v went to d beach! at bloody 12pm. So freaking hot la. and we were dere till bout 7pm. Took mrt n monorial to Sentosa Beach. Actually i wanted 2 learn roller blading but d guy dere say d ground is rough so nt good 4 beginners so me n kev rent a 2 ppl bike cuz i can't cycle. Haha. N max roller bladed. V went around d whole place till lazy d den finally go beach.

    Sat at d Bikini Bar n all d girls dere really wear bikini 2 work. Dam sexy man. Lolx. Only me n max went swimming cz kevin din wanna go under d sun. We swam out till d floating jetty which was dam far n d waters were freaking deep. After we (more like i) struggled to climb up, v sunbath dere. Haha. Dam, i seriously got darker.

    When it gotta hotter, v decided 2 go back 2 d beach d. Den hav 2 jump in d waters ma. I dam sked wanna jump water wan. So i hold my nose n jump n i almost drowned! Cz i hold my nose nt tight enuf n all water go in n i swallowed quite alot. Lucky max dere if nt i confrim drown d. N all those salt water made me sore throat! Dammit!

    After tat, v were juz hanging out at d beach playing Big2 (yes again!) n biggest loser gotta drink 5 bloody shots. At 1st i was winning n max losing wan den suddenly last 5 games he win all! i dam zha dau lo. But instead of 5 shots, i managed 2 make it only 3. =)

    After tat i wanted 2 build sand castle but max say wanna bury me. So he ownself dig hole n i build my castle myself. But after awhile i lz d. So i help him dig hole. He dam weird funny wan lo. He wanted 2 bury me 90 degree down meaning he gotta dig at least 5ft into d sand (n digging 1ft was edi hard enuf haha). In d end v bury me lying down. Sand went into my eyes, nose, mouth n ears. Disgusting and painful. But quite fun Lolx.

    Big 2, ferero roacher (given by a nice laundry lady) n Spore sling

    Max. emoing cz at 1st he kept losing =p


    Me building my sand castle n max digging a "5ft" hole =)

    My ugly sand castle(which i gave up after awhile) Haha

    Helping max dig d hole.

    Ready to get burried =)

    Getting burried.

    Like dead d. Dam scary. Sumore d sand freaking heavy make me hard 2 breathe.

    I look like some sort of mummy. n sand in d hair was a pain in d ass. Seriously. dam hard wanna get it all out Lolx

    D beautiful sunset. N at d bottom right is d floating jetty.

    3rd day

    Woke up late and went out to find unis. I was dam shocked when dei say dei dun recognize Taylors Diploma. I seriosuly feel like burning down d bloody taylors d!! Dei dun even KNOW Taylor's college. Only UNLV recognize Taylors but den is freaking exp! Total course is $70k but after exemptions shld b around $55k. All in Sing Dollar. T.T

    After tat we went shopping at Bugis Junction n went to eat at Seoul Garden. A korean bbq/stemboat buffet place. Each ppl bout $21 and we were on a so called "budget". Hahaha.

    Big Small boys playing wit small toys. Haha

    D amount of beef d guys took was SCARY! it's like a bloody mountain. I swear!

    D ice kacang max made. Full of jellies! =) When i can't finish d ice, v poured it all into d soup.

    And when d soup turned pinkish red, d fish ball thingy as turned pink as well. Gross~

    Max Man made soup. Inside got, jellies, syrup, prawns, an egg (which i ate later), durian ice cream (disgusting, i noe), loads of salt n pepper, lime and alot more. When i 1st drink, it has d disgusting durian taste. But after tat, i was nt bad. Surpised? i noe, can't believe max can actually cook! Haha

    4th day

    Woke up early and went 4 compli breakkie downstairs. All 3days n dis was d only day v went 4 breakkie. Haha. Kev had to leave extra early cz he got exam at UNLV. For a hotel so cheap, i was surprised dei gave breakfast 4 2ppl. Although nt buffet but still quite nice.

    Then v had lunch at a Jap restaurant n all. After tat v travelled all d way 2 Nanyang n waste $30 cuz dei say dei dun recognize Taylors. Ci bai, nx time i call pick d fucking fon up la! Waste my time n $$ ni.

    After tat, v went back hotel and took our luggage n max left to go his new hse n me n kev left to go buy bus ticket. Bus left at 5pm and d girl said will reach at round 10pm. I aso abit skeptical cuz kevin drove at freaking 140-160km/h n he aso took bout 4hrs. In d end, d bus reached back bout 11smtg almost 12am i tink. Dam tiring!

    Cute rite? Took it a at restaurant.

    OK! finally finish bout spore. now on to Lagoon!

    D day after i came back from spore, i went to Lagoon wit horny, fish, duckie n jojo. Dam tiring but super fun! Went dere at 1pm with d sun shining so brightly. I swear i'm super tanned now! Serious. Haha

    I lazy wanna describe everything d la. Spore was already a long ass post. I doubt any1 wld read tat much anyway (cuz i confrim wun) =)

    Fish, horny, jojo

    Duckie, fish, me

    Horny, duckie, me

    love ur *heart* shape sunglasses =)

    After=all look like drowned. Haha

    Me n fish attacking food! Dam hungry =)

    K la, i aso wanna finish work d. I started writing it bout 2pm n now is already 7.30pm. Haha.


    Ps: I'll Miss u horny! xoxo

    And she survived.. ;

    Thursday, January 1, 2009

    New years celebrations was fun! Danced till i dam tired. =)

    In d morning woke up bout 7smtg cuz nit 2 go KLIA 2 send max off. His dad dam cute la. Very funny but almost half d things he said i din relly get it. I juz tried 2 join d sentence. Hehe.

    After tat, ate mcd n went Selyna's hse. Watched Zoolander. A funny stuid show which made me laff. Haha. After tat went pyramid 2 watch movie. Watched Yes Man. Very funny but so so ni lo. If ask me watch again i dun tink i would. Hehe

    Bout 7stg selyna fetched me back to my hse so i can chnge 4 d nite celebrations and her 1st time in my hse seeing my big rabbit. Haha.

    Celebrated in Republic with nicole, avril, suk yin, her bf n rose. It was ok la. Quite nice but den d crowd so so ni. After 12am only ppl dancing. So we were all juz sitting around drinking smoking n taking pics. haha D DJ kinda sux n d sound system definately sucked! Suk yin n her bf went back early cuz she high d. lolx. Den v left bout 2smtg cuz i like start 2 sober more n more so not so fun d.

    Went mcd in taipan 4 a supper/breakfast n went back home bath n slp. Tat was all. But still fun la. Cuz 1st and last time celebrating with them! Pics are nt wit me. Gotta wait til avril upload it in facebook =)

    U know what i realised? I realised it's getting harder 4 me to recover from a nite of drinking. Mayb cuz i've been drinking too much n for some time d la. Cuz last time in langkawi, I can drink till kinda drunk and dam late den slp and nx morning wake up at freaking 6am to go work. AND still feel better n more energized! Haha. But now no more d. Now it's like i need time to recover. I slp till afternoon only can wake up and still feel sleepy after i slept a whole day. Damn.... Mayb old d.

    Oh ya, i might b going down 2 spore 2 study soon. Well as soon as i know d details of d bloody uni la. Cuz d stupid site got no info bout course fee or intakes or course structure. So most probably nx week i'll go down to check it out. But i'm going broke soon. Hmm..

    My new year's resolution:

    1. To control my temper. (i seriously have bad temper)

    2. To be more patient!

    3 Save more $$, control spending

    4. Try to send more time at home (i noe)

    Can't tink d la. If i thought of more den only i edit la. Haha

    K la. Gotta bath d. Wanan go watch movie soon =)

    HugSs & KisSes

    And she survived.. ;