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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
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So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    It's officially 2 weeks since i've been here. And i'm kind of getting used to the cold here. Yeah bay-beh!

    So, i missed 2 classes in my first 2 days cz i couldn't wake up LOL But it's fine, it's just lectures anyway and they don't take attendance =) But fuck, got so damn many homeworks! Every single week got a few articles to read and assessments to do for each subject. And i got four. Fucking shit

    It's been a fun 2 weeks.

    I went Docklands at night when it was drizzling to find for penguins and water rat? not sure. It was worth the fight with the freezing wind and rain cz we did saw penguins and water rat. =)

    Went casino to gamble, more like i accompany the guys 2 gamble la. And ystd they won quite alot =) And once i almost fell asleep there lol

    Ate alot. Took a tram and train to god-knows-where to eat Fridays, went Docklands (or was it St Kilda?) to eat buffet, Korean BBQ at Chinatown, Vietnamiese food at Springvale, Authentic Japanese food, ate at Sofia (or was it Sophia?) a famous western restaurant with HUMONGOUS portions.

    Went Philip's Island to feed kangaroos and all. Went clubbing at VII with Audrey.

    Oh, and not to forget my unforgettable grocery trip lol

    Fun but tiring cause i reach back home in the early mornings almost everyday. Which explains why i missed 2 classes lol

    But thurs and fri i went to all the classes and ON TIME too! Cz wed night i slept at my fren's hse which is 15mins from my uni and fri i woke up when my alarm ring! =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    My class has just started and I AM FUCKING LATE. The thing is, i am still at home. Fuckkkkkkk

    I was suppose 2 wake up at 8.30 so i can attend my 10am class. My alarm rang, i woke up, switched it off, told myself another 5 mins and the next thing i know, it's fucking 9.36am! I wanna rush aso can't la. By the time i get ready to leave and arrive, sure at least 30mins late. And that class is only 1 hr. Cibai. I miss staying at Ridzuan. Once i woke up 15mins b4 class starts and i got there in 10mins. Sigh..

    No point rushing there now cz my next class is at 2pm. Later ni i going. Thinking shld i have lunch at home or in the city. Hmm..

    The whole reason why i woke up late was, I went CROWN CASINO! We went there at 12am and left at 4am, after supper went home bath and i slept at 5.30am. And i gotta wake up at 8.30am. ? I was super tired no thanks 2 my trip 2 the grocery store.

    It's almost like Genting. Got 2 floors, loads of tables and all. I only ost $20 cz that was all the cash i had with me LoL. You don't even wanna know how much my other fren lost. We played Casino wars, Carribean poker and that Player Banker game.

    I'll post Philip's ISland pic in the previous post.

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, July 20, 2009

    Busy these few days. Went clubbing on Fri night, met Audrey there. Sat moved in the new house. Sun went Philip Island and today? I went grocery shopping!

    Fri night we went a club called VII (roman seven) and i got culture shock! Cz ppl actually LINE UP to get in! Like u see in movies. And it was like below 10 degrees outside? Line up aso nevermind, the thing is, the lines (as in 3 lines) are freaking long. Long like the Zara warehouse sales we went last time (which took us 2 hrs 2 get it). Lucky my fren knew some one there so we got in in like 15mins. Freezing my ass off outside. Lol. They said they purposely make the lines long is like wanna show ppl how fucking popular the club is or smtg like that. Cibai, if is me and i have 2 line up, i sure won't go d wan. Damn cibai cold man. And if summer sure damn hot.

    Paid $20 for entrance fee. Don't know when's their ladies night but apparently that night i went was ASIAN night. Sigh.. Met Audrey outside the club in the line. Her fren was working there so they got in for free. Started the night of with a Gigabomb which is Redbull and jagermeister i think. The red bull was disgustingly sweet!But it was a nice drink. Then had ABC (vodka barcardi and kahlua) hard to swallow, after that had a few shots of Tequila (Yum~), red pussy, french pussy and cowboy. If i rmb correctly la. Went to "mamak" for supper then back home. Danced till i was super tired. Super fun night. Pics are with Audrey. I want! I want! lol

    Then sat i moved into my new room! spend whole day cleaning (nthg much actually more like wiping a few surfaces and vacumming the carpet again) and unpacking my amount of rubbish! Lol Got my tv already. Now thinking of where to put it. Hmm..

    Sun we went Philip's Island! Suppose 2 go at 10am but then the guys woke up late and took forever to get ready. Tsk tsk.. lol so bout 2pm we left. Went to see Kangaroos!! And Dingoes, Koala bears, Tasmanian Devil, Penguins, Goats, Cows and alot more. We even saw the milking process. Lol Too bad the Penguin Parade don't allow cameras. But the penguins were so small! Bout less then 10 inch height ni. so tiny and all goes in groups and we saw them coming out from the ocean after a day fishing. Damn adorable!

    And i fed Kangaroos! and mountain goat (i think? cz it has horns) or was it a yak? Hmm.. I didn't read the sign lol. Bought a few sourvenirs from the penguin parade cz i can't take pics =( I got a turtle pendant (only $13 if i don't convert, it's counted as cheap), a postcard, keychain and sticker. Keychain and sticker i will send back 2 my sis. One day.

    And finally, today. I went grocery shopping. Nthg too exciting except the fact that i bought TOO MANY things until i can barely carry! I 4got bout the fact i WALKED there (bout 5 mins) and i used a trolley! Damn Cibai stupid la. I like so fucking relax walking around choosing things and all. Bought 1 kg jasmine rice, 1 kg brown rice, 3 kgs oranges, 1 kg apples, oyster sauce, soy sauce, olive oil and ALOT more stuffs.

    I didn't realised i had bought too many things until i paid everything and pushed the trolley out. Then i saw the trolley got 7 bags! All aso fucking full. So i forced myself to carry it and walked back. Luckily i walk not more than 2minutes then got 1 nice guy help me. Australians are so god damned NICE. He help me carry half all the way back to my house. Cz he was just staying along my road but on the opposite side of the traffic light. If i didn't had help, i also don't know what will happen. Probably i'll leave some back at Safeway and come back later. Lol

    I have to start thinking that i don't have ppl with cars here! No mom or dad to fetch me back from grocery shopping. Or friends who fetch me to where i want. Sigh.. And they are so gluten conscious. Almost everything i saw also said gluten free and all. And they support barn laid eggs! Not even a single battery cage egg was there. Probably why the eggs were quite pricey. ($6 for 12, in msia is like RM2.40 for 12).

    Class starts tmr. I skipped the stupid "study skills for sucess" class today lol. Sure damn cibai boring wan and obviously i prefer shopping then attending that =)

    Well, going out for Kebab with the guys now. At least i think they said kebab la. Not too sure. I'll post pics later when i get back. Cz now i uploading pics in Fb and it's taking a while. So SLOW.

    (I wrote this Mon evening before i left) lol

    At the cow farm:

    The cows damn smart, They know how 2 line up and go in the milking cage and when finish d, the know how 2 come back out and go back home. Lol

    Feeding Kangaroos!
    With a baby.
    it knows how 2 say hello but they were trying to teach the parrot CiBai. Lol
    An extremely FAT chicken. Talking bout chicken, i need to brush up my chopping chicken skills. Not that i have much to begin with lol
    Albino Kangaroo. I love it!
    Kangaroo Land =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    It's getting colder here. It's like 5 degrees this morning and when you breathe out, you can actually see the "steam". And my teeth can't stop chattering when the wind blows. CiBai Cold.

    Even my hand writing is ugly. And i can barely type on my phone. Cz my fingers are forever numb Lol. I rmb i said Taylor's class so freaking cold cz they wanna prepare us for the winter oversea but apparently, they didn't do a good job. It's so much colder!!

    I was fucking late for my orientation today! I thought it starts at 10am and i woke up late anyway. I woke up at 8.30am after 1 hour getting ready (cz it's too cold to move any faster) and 1 hour + to reach my uni, i was late almost 2 hours! Lucky when i got there they ngam nagm finish the lecture so everyone was gathering outside ready to go down to library. I told the guy i got lost going there. LoL

    My 6th day here and 2nite i'm going clubbing (i think la)! At god knows where. And probably casino as well if still got energy. But then can't wear like in Msia cz i'll freeze till death before i even step in the club. Hahaha. And you can't smoke in the clubs like in MOS. So it's good for me. Cz sometimes, it's so fucking cold that you can help but want to smoke. But i didn't cz when i see how much a Dunhill Fine Cut cost, i straight away ok d. LoL. Drink more hot chocolate to keep warm. Since i came i think i drink more then 10 cups d.

    I still haven get my charger!!! Motherfucker.They open till only 5 fucking 30. By the time i reach back from city also bout 6 smtg almost 7 d. How to take?? My poor blackberry is sitting on the box on the floor. I can see but can't use. Fucking tease.

    And i'm moving into my room tmr! YAY! Oh pics of my new room.

    She even put a tv there! But that is temporary ni cz it's too big. So she said wanna buy a 15" tv for the room =) It's small but really cozy and it's cheap! And she comes every week to clean the house too. And she said she'll try to get a full lenght mirror for me. Niiiice~

    My blackberry. Can see but can't use =(

    And she survived.. ;

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Wore a skirt 2day. Mini skirt to be exact. So imagine how cold it was when the wind blows Lol. Cz i planned a long day walking and i wore my heels for 3 days d so i wanted 2 wear slipper. And wearing slipper means no jeans. The only time i'll wear jeans with slipper is when i am drunk or hung over cz usually that time, i don't give a damn what i wear Haha.

    Bought a red coat 1day for only $19.90! So cheap! Actually my main target was to buy boots. But i find whole day aso can't find a freaking decent one. I tried the one i've being eyeing and it's $200 (means RM 600=freaking expensive) but then not so comfortable and loose! and the smallest was size 5. Damn.

    So i changed mind to buy red heels. To match my red coat. But then, i aso can't find any nice ones. Sigh. Is it so hard to ask for a nice looking, 4 inch, fire engine red heels which are actually comfortable?? And don't say no cz my gladiators are 4 inch and it's super comfortable. =)

    And i got my BLACKBERRY! I came back home and damn excited wanna use but then i realised i got no charger! Then i called the girl and she said she ngam ngam wanna call me 2 ask me go there tmr. Disappointed la. It's staring at me (or more like i am staring at it) but i can't use it! =(

    Love this top from Zara but no S size. Current obsession: Maxi Dress! The amount of clothes i left behind My overloaded luggage What Shu Yee did for me when i stayed over her house My BFFs =)
    Esther, apparently there's smtg wrong with you. Lol I don't get this thing. Deposit what syringe? It was in the toilet cubicle.

    Must have HOT CHOCOLATE.
    And actually, Krispy Kreme not so many choices like J Co or Big apple. But love their glazed doughnut tho. Yum~
    Aust $$ back n front diff. And their coins are freaking huge. And $1 and $2 are coins so it's heavy!
    Entertainment i paid RM30 for. Watched movie cz time passed too slow.
    My lunch. Was disgusting. Ate a few bites then bought oreos later lol
    Instant Mac and cheese! Haven eat yet so don't know nice anot. Lol

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Went for orientation today. One Word: Boring. Sumore i was late 30mins cz i left house late and missed the bus Lol. Ppl are nice though. Met a Swedish girl and another one from Jakarta? not too sure. At least this time i rmb their name Lol. Left it half way. Cz too boring d and i got my student id and schedule so no point sitting longer listening to them give lectures bout how 2 study n shit. And i have to open bank acc. Banks here closes at 4pm! so early.

    I went to the Big W (it's like Giant) to buy things and when i went to pay, i was shocked looking at the counters. Cz it's SELF SERVICE! So i look at the machine like blur blur and a guy monitoring there came and teach me how 2 use. Lol. 1st time i see self service cashier. It's like u scan an item then must put at the plastic bag place cz there got another scanner. If u scan 3 items means the plastic bag place must got 3 items. If got 4 then they'll ask u to remove the unknown item. Cz i threw an item i bought earlier into the plastic bag. Lol

    I'm signing my agreement for the house this fri and sat i can move in already! YAY! ANd tmr, i'm getting my new phone and buying boots! My toes are freezing! I have my eyes on one but then i don't know how much. Looks expensive though. Sigh..

    Omg, and i'm watching a show bout children who have Turret Syndrome. Some keeps on jerking like she got hiccups, another one screams suddenly (must be 3 times everytime) and curses involuntary, another one she'll have emotional breakdowns (she doesn't rmb them but her parents do) and jerkings. I see till damn pity them la.

    CiBai, i wanna post pics but then dunno why blogger suddenly merajuk. Tmr ba. It's already 1am here. Ciao~!

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, July 13, 2009

    I found a room! I found a room! I found a freaking ROOM!

    Today was my 2nd day in Melb (excluding sat night) and i got lost in the city! I was trying 2 find the bus stop to go back home. Wandered the area bout 1 hr plus and i finally found it. Lol And the people in Melb are really nice. They see me looking around then ask me where i wanna go or am i lost and then point me 2 the right direction.

    The weather here is like genting average 14 degrees during the day and night probably around 10 degrees. But when the wind blows, i feel like i am flying away. Seriously. So no umbrellas for me! Haha. And whoever said jeans are warm are talking shit. Cz it's not even warm!

    Oh yeah, bout my room. It's small and cozy. And it's only 110 per week inc bills except electric. I went around 2day to see bout 5-6 rooms. And there was one for 200 pw inc bills and it's like u're staying in the living room but there is some wood seperating you and the other side of the room and directly opposite is an office so ppl can stare directly at you when u're changing lol. And no door! not even a door.

    Another one was 150 pw inc bills but then have 2 share with 2 --- guys so no thanks. But there was a girl that was seeing as well and she seems really keen on renting that place so all the best to her. Lol. The 3rd room in the city is like 160 pw inc bills and when i reach the apartment, he closed the door and opened a curtain behind it and said "Here's the room". I was like "huh?" is that even a room? Got furnitures but no door! And a japanese girl was there already looking at the place and she really really wants it. and she'll share the house with 2 other guys. NO DOOR! Imagine u changing half way then suddenly got wind blow cz u know how windy melb is la. Dam cibai scary la. I went in 5mins then turn back out, called the 110 pw owner and said i'll take that room. Although is a lil far (like 30-45mins) but it's the best among all! Got door, got nice clean bathroom, got heater (i think), got nice comfy clean bed and new furnitures and most important is, got lock! And the owner comes every week to clean the place. Nice =)

    Anyway, tmr is orientation. I thinking wanna go anot cz i very lz la. Lol. And it starts at 9.30am. So god damned early.

    And i think i'll get either a blackberry or an iphone =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    I HATE T fucking M cibai NET!!

    I dam cibai semangat wanna write bout singapore that day. Just so u know, it's quite rare. When i type till half way, somewhere around starting of 3rd day, the fucking line not stable. Keep on dc.
    Fuckkkkkkk tm net.

    Lucky it pre saved itself earlier. But then now my laptop sent for repairs and alot of pics is there so can't write till i get it back. Probably tmr. If i got time. Cuz i just realised i got TOO MANY THINGS!! I just put a whole bunch of clothes into the luggage and it all fitted in one side meaning half the luggage. Happy la. Then i realised i still got aalot more clothes haven wash so cannot put in yet and shoes (i think got 4 pairs) and bags (another 5) and all my cosmetic! Shitttttttt.

    I need help. Seriously

    And she survived.. ;