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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Saturday, August 29, 2009


    I miss the thrill of shopping. Wandering in the shopping malls seeing if anything caught my eyes. Trying an armful of clothes only to tell the lady all not suitable. Lol Walking till feet hurts and dying to stop at a cafe for smtg 2 drink (actually is to sit only). I seriously can shop from 12pm till night looking for the perfect pair of heels. Which btw i still love so very much now lol

    But here? No such luxury la. The shopping mall here so so ni. Not like pyramid (my 2nd home) where u walk till u drop. Or 1u or midvalley. Here 1 hour walk finish d. And nothing interesting. The worst part is, shop closes bout 5 or 6pm and fridays my class ends at 5 so how in the world am i going to shop??!

    Australian life here is seriously relax. Too relax i would say. Weekends shop never open also can. Cafe chooses to close on a sunday when usually most people will go. Shops closes at 6pm!! Last shows in cinemas are about 8-9pm. Cafes closes at 10pm. Sometimes i wonder what australians do to entertain themselves at night (Like in redang). But i try not to. Hahaha

    I am literally drowning is assignments. Serious shit. Why can't it be like Taylor's where there's only one or two assessments then an exam in the end???? Here I have assignment EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. and i and i'm fuck bored of doing it. Seriously, who can do assignments and readings every week?? There's like 2 or 3 essays, a presentation or two, almost 20 readings, a heap load of weekly assignments and an exam in the end. For ONE subject. You think i no life wan izzit??

    I am missing my darling boy =(

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    So i'm suppose 2 be doing my god damned essay which is due sometime this week and all i did was write the essay title, barely understood one journal article (out of 6) and stared at the blank microsoft words page for the past 20mins. Yes, 20 fucking mins. It kinda hurt my eyes too.

    And as much as i would like 2 say "Fuck it", i can't! This fucking essay is like 30% of the subject and among 3 essays which i have to write, this is the BEST progress essay. Others i don't even know the title and one i'm not too sure which subject it is. I. Am. Dead. Why can't it be as easy as Taylors?? Where all u do is one assignment and one assessment and one exam!

    But not to worry, there's always Jose Cuervo to help me. Although it's useless in completing the essay, it's most useful to keep me from having nervous breakdown.
    I'm this close *puts thumb and index finger reeeaaaaalyyy close togahter* to having one.

    Pic of my baby:
    Though the level has delepted tremendously (like half of it). I can't help it! It stares at me every. single. day.
    And in my defence, it does keep me warm. Really warm =)

    And i miss my Samsung! Yeah my BB is nice and all but i still like love my Samsung. I miss the thiness of it and the touch screen too. Still thinking whether i should send back Msia anot cz my sis wanna use. But the good thing bout BB is i can watch movie on it! And FB since the cibai uni blocked fb d

    Cookies i made. Not a good recipe though i need to find others.

    The dog in the house! It's called "stubbles" or "tubbles" or smtg like that. Super friendly and i feed it chocolate chip cookies and potato chips too. Shhhhhh =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Would you prefer to be free as a bird or a fish?

    Personally, i prefer to be a bird. I love the flying feeling. To be able to go anywhere i like. There are no borders, no boundaries. I'm free like a bird now. Doing what ever i feel like doing whenever i wanna do it. If it's 1am and i want to drink, i'll walk out to 7-11 to get coke. If i don't wanna go home that night, i'll crash at my friend's house. And my parents won't even know. No need to explain to anyone at all. It's like Ridzuan all over again.

    No one to control me here. I'm afraid i'll spiral out of control. Hope not.

    Winter is leaving soon. And spring is coming! So the weather is kinda like genting. i *love*. Cz it means that spring is coming and i can wear my Msia clothes! Hurray! It really feels weird wearing so many clothes. I seriously miss wearing shorts and spaghetti strap clothes without a fucking jacket. The amount of times i wore my jeans here is way way more than the total time i wore in msia. Let's face it, i think with one hand u can count how many times i wore jeans. For the past 10 years. Lol

    PS: Don't ever attempt to paint your nails after drinking. It's messy.

    What makes you fly?

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, August 17, 2009

    Fuck. I am fucking bored of eating and sleeping. Seriously. It's sickening to think of what i wanna eat EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sometimes i wish i can just don't eat. So i don't have 2 think of what i wanna eat. And sleep. Sleep is nice. But i don't know why these days i don't feel like sleeping. It felt a chore 2 me. HOW CAN SLEEP FEEL LIKE A CHORE? Like i MUST do it.
    Damn, something's wrong with me again.

    Last night i suddenly wanted to go for a jog. At 1am. Probably i got too much pent up energy but no, i didn't went jogging. It's dark and scary and i don't have sport shoes. Hell will freeze over before i jog with slipper in the middle of the night (or should i say early morning) during winter. Nope, I won't spoil my slipper like that LoL

    Oh, and i lost my appetite that day. Seriously, i was damn hungry so i went to the kitchen to find food. Then i saw smtg i DON'T EVER wanna see and instantly i lost my appetite. I don't have anything against lesbians. Infact i support same sex marriage but! Please PLEASE keep the P-fucking-DA in the fucking room. A girl-guy and a girl. It's disgusting.
    And i would love to keep my lunch in my stomach thankyouverymuch.

    Movie update:

    Was not bad la. Quite funny. Cz we didn't even know what it was about before buying the ticket. It was the only show with the correct timing i think?

    One word: HILARIOUS. Damn cibai funny LoL

    Interesting show. They were so cool robbing banks in a few minutes. But the ending so so ni. I previously read a story inspired by this show and it was much better. But any show with Johnny Depp and Cristian Bale is already a nice show. Eye candies =)

    Sad. Super sad. I almost cried. But they changed the ending. The other sister didn't die. I rmb in the book, both of them died in the end. That's y i cried when i read the book. But still sad story. If i were the girl, i would beg my parents to kill me. Who would wanna suffer like that for years?

    And there's pole dancing classes here! and Burlesque as well. Pole dancing is $220 for 8 weeks course and burlesque is $120 for 8 weeks course. There's latin pole and exotic pole as well.

    Ok, i need to work.

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    I realized that alcohol here is so damn cheap! With a capital C! It's like Langkawi all over again. Except the cigg here is fucking expensive and the chocolate isn't that cheap either. But i can live without cigg and choco(maybe) but definitely not without alcohol.

    Seriously, if i work here, i think i'll drink everyday. I still can't decide if it's a bad thing or good. *pauses for 2 seconds* I think definitely good. LoL

    It only cost me $35 (duty free) but normal price is bout $40 ni.
    And drinking tequila from baby bottle? One word. HEAVEN. I don't think many ppl know of my fetish with tequila in a baby bottle or why i do it. But damn, it feels good. It seriously taste different from drinking in a glass. There's this special taste there. Or maybe it's just me.

    At least i don't smoke when i drink now. Ok, not so much la. Not a pack a night like in KL. Probably cz it's too cold here. My hands get numb when i smoke. Not a good feeling. At all.

    PS: I miss u guys back in Msia xoxo

    And she survived.. ;

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    Seriously. Can someone be THAT desperate? This is why it's annoying when people i don't know adds me. Fuck off la

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Went to my first house party last sat. It was a friend's friend house warming party. And i took a fucking tram there! Go me! Lol It's so funny taking tram at bout 10pm cz i met a bunch of funny people. First there was a group of ladies. 6 ladies. 6 definitely-over-40-almost-reaching-50 ladies. And they were HILARIOUS!

    They were all tipsy and drunk. One of them was wearing a plastic crown on their head with feathers and fake diamonds. And they laughed non stop. You would think it was annoying but i find it funny. They laughed at everything. If someone stumbled, they laughed their ass off. When one of the lady laugh (for what ever reason she found funny) the other ladies laugh as well. Then they will ask "What are we laughing at?" LoL

    Then later a group of guys boarded the tram. The football match just ended so they were going back and they did alot of funny stunts and jokes. Damn, night tram is so much more fun than morning tram. I fall asleep in morning trams! Well, probably it's because i am more of a night person. Fuck mornings.

    Back to the party. I only knew one person there and he was the one who called me. A friend back from Taylors. So i went. Cz it's a fucking Saturday night. And i hate sitting at home on a saturday night. I rather sit in the cafe doing nthg than sit at home. And since my friend bailed on me (we were suppose 2 go casino i think?), i went to the party. It was fun! It turns out i knew about 1/3 of the people there. Some were in my Media class or was it LEisure? Anyways, i do know them. Lol

    Then we had booze =) There was vodka, bacardi, scotch whiskey, more vodka, cowboy (smtg like baileys) and beers. Too bad by the time i reached there the coronas were out. And people who met me that day can tell that i like to party. That i'm wild. Even my lecturer from Taylors also knows it. Is it that obvious? And i'm not wild. I'm just out-going. Seriously =)

    Btw, arrording to Org Behaviour (a subject i'm studying) I'm an extraversion. I go out and party to re-energize myself after a whole week of (so called) slaving over studies. Haha

    I danced in the rain just now. It was COLD. Fucking cold. But oh-so-nice cz i love rain.

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    I am happy! My fishy and duckie is coming Australia!! Yay! It'll be like msia all over again. With Horny here as well. Except we're in different states though. But there's always summer vacation! =)

    Can't wait! Can't wait!

    And i'm drowning in assignments here. Literally.

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    It says this is my 100th post but i doubt i wrote so many. Lol i think some of it are drafts

    I cooked dinner! Actually is more like we but i did cook the french toast myself =)

    My "mini" french toast. Cz i beat the eggs in bowl and the bread was too big 2 go in lol. It was delicious but somehow lacking my mom's taste.

    The mess we made.
    Our 1st dinner: fried honey pork, pan-fried salmon, mince meat onion egg, stir fried vege and chicken potato stew!

    2nd dinner was much simpler, cz we were lazy and didn't know wanna cook what. Lol so got pasta, mashed potato with onions and brocolli.

    "kon lou" noodles and a supposedly fried egg with minced pork and onions. But then i only got 2 eggs left so after cooking, u can barely see the eggs haha all u see is meat

    Today's dinner was the best! Cz got watercress soup and chicken potato curry! And i cook both of it myself =) there was stir fried bean sprout also.

    Chocolate vanilla ice cream and banana for today's dessert! Nx time i'll make jelly. Yum~

    Joann, tell mummy and daddy i cooked dinner! =)

    Ooh, and another drinking session till the sun almost came out lol. The tequila was pre mixed with lime spirit and it costs me $10 only. So can't complain cz there's not much tequila taste. But i still got one whole bottle of Jose Cuervo. It was the very first thing i bought once i was in australia =)

    And she survived.. ;