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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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    2010 Resolutions

    + Spend less. Save more.
    + Get another tattoo
    + Control my temper
    + Keep in touch with more people
    + Spend less.
    + To control my impatient-ness
    + Work hard
    + Stop smoking
    + Drink less
    + Stop having blackout nights
    + Exercise more
    + Spend less.
    + Eat more
    + Blog more
    + Stop procasinating
    + Stop skipping meals
    + Master my French

    I *heart*

    + My Bunny
    + Drinking =)
    + Clubbing
    + Chocolates
    + My Besties
    + Laughing
    + Swimming
    + Towering heels
    + Movies
    + Flaming Lamborghini
    + Laughing
    + Sunglasses
    + Dancing in d rain
    + Crying in d dark

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  • And Live In The Present

    Saturday, October 31, 2009

    Happy Halloween people!
    And denise, i want to see pictures of ur costume!! I can kinda imagine it but i still wanna see it lol

    The weather here is getting warmer. I love and hate it. Love it cz it's warmer than winter (no need jackets! Yay!). But hate it cz it's a little too warm for me. I guess humans (me especially) are hard to satisfy. But then again, I'm one picky bitch and is hardly ever satisfied. I have a craving of challenging things which explains why i bounce from one thing to another. But sometimes all i wanna do is bury myself in my blankets and sleep forever cz i'm feeling a little too lazy. Come on, even cinderella has her off days.

    On a totally different topic. Cz i typed that like hours ago but forgot to post it =)

    I just wanna state that i, Ho Carmen, absolutely hate summaries! Ask me to write 2000 words essay? No problem (if i got tons of points and is motivated enough), cz i can seriously crap a lot. But ask me to summarize a 6 page article with microscopic writings into only 300 words? One word. IMPOSSIBLE. I suck at finding main points and condensing the essay especially if the topic is bored like shit. I just can't do it! Even in form 5 i can barely do it. A few times i almost fail cz i totally missed the main points haha But damn, i really hate summaries. Thank god i only got one this sem (and hopefully the last one in this whole course).

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    I find guys weird. Not all guys, just some of them. I don't get it. Why tell me you like me after i've left msia? What's the point you telling me actually u liked me in Taylors but then thought i got bf or don't dare to tell me (coward) and tell me now? Is there a point? Cz it's not like u're gonna come here (even if u do, i doubt it's gonna work cz there's no chemistry at all) and i'm sure as hell not gonna go back msia for you. Duh! So just stop asking me whether i got bf here or not and whether you still got chance. Cz the answer is no. No, u don't have chance. There is slim chance and no chance. You fall in the NO chance category. Na da.

    And please! Stop telling me you miss me and expect an answer! I don't know you! AND you don't know me! How the hell can i miss someone i don't know or is not close with?? Stop asking "you got miss me anot?" cz i'll forever answer no. NO i DONT miss u!

    I swear some guys are so weird. It's like when they tell u they actually like u, and then a switch inside them flips and words like dear darling baby honey and shit starts spewing out. Like WORD VOMIT. And all of a sudden he starts saying he misses and loves u. Hello, wake up la please. I barely know u. You barely know me except u saw me in college. We're not even in the same batch and i don't think i've spoken more than 10 sentences with you!! So don't go start saying shit like that. It makes me feel.. actually, words can't describe how i feel. Disgusted is an understatement.

    And she survived.. ;

    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    I damn semangat wanna do my accumulated weekly assessments. DAMN CIBAI SEMANGAT. But then right, god decided to play with me. I had fun god, really. I even played a few games and chatted with some friends. But please! PLEASE give me the internet connection to get my reading list for the god damned assessments!! Why of all the pages to have a connection problem u choose that page?? Why??

    I damn semangat (almost) finish 10 weekly assessments for events and now i can't do media! And i can't do another 100+ questions and more than 9 readings plus finish up the little part (ok, maybe it's not so little, but that's not the point) i missed in events to hand in on friday! This is what i get for procasinating. If only i spend 2 hours every week to do it then i sure damn free now. Why la i so lazy? No, the real question is why am i such a procasinator?? But i learn my lesson d! I will never procasinate anymore, if i can help it. So please, please give me the readings!

    And she survived.. ;

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    I'm suppose to be doing my media presentation slides and questions but i suddenly got the urge to blog and i can't think of anything to write. So i'll just ramble what's on my mind.

    In less than a month my exams are coming. Although only 3 papers, I still damn worried. Cz i didn't exactly pay attention in class. At all. All i know is for Media and Events paper got like 50 mcqs (MCQ!! i love mcqs) and 3 short essay. Don't even talk bout OB. I barely passed the essay cz i don't know how to write a referenced essay at all. Thanks Taylors, thanks alot for not teaching me that and sticking to form 5 essay style. But luckily after almost failing one essay, i managed to score quite well for the other 3 subjects. And now i hope i got my report format correct.

    And what's so surprising that English is my first language? It's like everywhere i go, people i meet tells me my english is good and ask me how long have i learnt it. And when i tell them it's my first language and i speak it more than chinese they go like "Are you serious?" Hello, not all msian are english stupid ok? Don't assume that msians don't know english cz there are people who's english is their second or third language and can't speak properly even if their life depends on it. There are people who are actually fucking great in english and speaks it fluently. So thank fucking god i went to a malay school instead of a chinese one. I would have gone to a chinese school if it wasn't full and the headmaster wanted a bribe. Hahaha. If not, i'm pretty sure chinese would be my first language and i might totally suck in english.

    Ok, i'm gonna youtube awhile then try to finish my presentation. I hope.

    And she survived.. ;

    Saturday, October 10, 2009

    Times flies. Like damn fucking fast. It feels like i just arrived Melb a couple of weeks ago when it's already 3 months and my exams are coming soon. The reason why i suddenly realize that time flies is cause i just called back home and my dad told me he misses talking with me. He actually said he miss talking to me. And i feel guilty. Cause i don't call home much. I mean, I barely speak to my family when i was in msia cz i was always going out and i stayed in Ridzuan and i had all those trainings. It's like we drifted apart ever since i went to Langkawi. Sometimes i felt like a stranger in the house. Like i don't belong there. Other times i just can't stand the anger, the hostility in the house. That's y i was absent most of the time.

    It's still weird to talk to my parents. I sometimes still feel like a stranger to them. Akward conversations and shit. Our family is the kind of family where we sweep things under the rug. You can't see it, but it's definitely there. Like a fucking pink elephant in the room. But no one ever acknowledge it. Unless one of us couldn't stand it or the elephant just got too huge to even breathe anymore. We don't sit down and share heart-to-heart. Hell, we don't even sit down for a proper family meal. At least no without someone blowing up or in a bad mood or just feeling plain bitchy. The only time we sit for dinner is during cny and that's because it is expected of us. Like we put on a show to tell people we're a fucking normal family.

    I keep reminding myself that i'm no longer in msia. Cz this time is not like when i was in Langkawi or Redang where i can just take a 1 hr flight back home. They did called my constantly in Langkawi, at least for the first few weeks cz it my first time away from them for months but after that the calls got lesser and lesser and in Redang i don't think there were more than 10 calls in total. Frankly speaking, i didn't really notice at all. Cz i was having too much fun. And totally forgot. Feel like i'm a bad daughter lol but sometimes i just don't realize how much my actions can hurt people.

    My godfather once said that I am someone who can live alone in another place and not be homesick. I thought he was joking but after Langkawi, i believed him. Cz i didn't even feel homesick. Not even for one second. Well, maybe it was caused by the amount of alcohol i consumed on a daily basis and shit but in redang the same thing happened (and i didn't drink all the time there). Another friend told me that people like us, if we were force to leave everything and everyone we love behind one day, we would do just fine. And i can't help but agree. Cz i'm just not a family oriented person. I love them. I do. I just get so caught up in life that i tend to forget about the important things sometimes. What i need is a good smack on the head and someone telling me i'm being ignorant again.

    And she survived.. ;

    I am good girl. No, seriously. I'm a good girl and a great friend. But i'm done with people taking advantage of me already. I've always believe in "Treat other how you want to be treated" because it's true and makes every sense to me. I've always helped people however i can and expect nothing in return. But i would appreciate if you don't take advantage of me. I helped you, but i got hurt in return. And you just don't give a damn.

    If a friend doesn't understand a topic, i spend time teaching them although i don't have much time myself. But i still do it. Because i believe if i can help, i will. I stay up till the early mornings of 5am teaching and coaching someone even though i've got a 9am french exam which i haven study for, the next day. Because i can't sleep knowing someone desperately needs my help. I share every tips and info i know on the exams with people i care hoping they would score well too. I don't keep knowledge to myself. Sharing is caring and i live by it.

    But what i hate is, when i don't understand something and i ask a friend, she says she don't know too. There was this english exam back in Taylors and the lecturer gave us 5 possible topics coming up. I didn't understand one so i ask a friend but she said she didn't know as well. But that topic came out during exam (lucky me), and i simply wrote cz i really didn't get what excatly the topic wanted and after the exams, she told me the essay is "Damn easy" cz apprently she knew what to write but is selfish enough to keep it to herself. But guess what? I got the top 3 highest score in the exam and she wasn't even close. I wasn't even there to collect it cz i was spending a day in Genting and she called to tell me. I guess Karma's a bitch right?

    But i don't hate her. I just pity her. Pity her for being so selfish. Pity her for having the typical singaporean Kiasu-ness (no offence singaporeans).

    Recently, I gave a friend my essay so they can get some ideas cz they were stuck and it was due really soon. And i didn't score well because there was a % of similarity. Come fucking on! If you really want to copy at least change the fucking sentence. Be a little smarter. I didn't spend hours slaving over the essay so you can just copy and be done with it.

    And now i'm done being nice already. I'll only be nice if the situation is to my advantage and i know i won't be taken for granted. After all, I'm my first priority.

    And she survived.. ;

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    I am..
    -70% taker 30% giver
    -High maintenance
    -Easily pissed off
    -Damn hard to control
    -Wild at times
    -Have high expectations
    -A little insecure
    -A complete bitch when things don't go my way
    -Easily irritated
    -Expect chivalry from the male species
    -A big spender

    That's a pretty long list of my bad qualities lol and i quote Marilyn Monroe, "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best". So give it a good read and think carefully.

    Cz some people just don't understand "NO"

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, October 4, 2009

    I L.O.V.E the spring racing fashion. They dress up like they're going to some fancy ball or costume party when in reality they are going to watch horses race. I think. I love the dresses they wear. And those head accessories! Stylish hats and huge flower headband and that funeral styled black net headband i love so much (I knew i would regret not buying it back in Msia, Damn) Drool-worthy. =)

    And not forgetting their exaggerated eyelash like those from Shu Uemura.

    And she survived.. ;

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    I can't believe it. My holidays is ending!! Actually it's the weekends d. Means my holidays has ENDED! And i didn't even do any of my assignments except for one cz one of my groupmate kept bugging me so i just typed a 600 words half-essay then email to her haha. My presentations i should be fine when the day to present comes nearer it forces me to concentrate and understand what is the article yakking about. Yes, yakking. Now can't concentrate cz still got one more week to go. What i'm worried bout is Leisure report. Two report sumore and i have to visit Melb Aquarium to do research which btw i haven even bother to look at the website. All i know is the ticket is bout $30 lol. And not to forget my weekly assessments. 13 weeks, at least 10 questions a week, 2 subjects and if my maths is still as good as i think it is, that equals to 260 questions and 26 articles to read. Oh joy!

    I just adore degree programs. Especially here. Cz in Taylors, they spoon feed u and hold your hand like a child and guide you through everything. Even especially exams. Where lecturers tell you excatly which chapters are coming out and all you have to do is memorize it. Sigh

    And she survived.. ;