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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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  • And Live In The Present

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    J'apprends le Francais!

    Thank god I went to the French centre to enroll and paid $400 for a sem before I proceeded inner into the city. If not, I'll be $400 poorer, a tonne of new clothes and with no french classes. People ask me why I wanna learn French when my mandarin is still pretty bad. It's cause I've spent 6 years, SIX YEARS, learning mandarin and I can barely read or write (only the reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy basic ones). I can only speak and listen which takes awhile cz I have to process what u are saying into English and the translate what I wanna say from english to mandarin before speaking.

    So it'll be like some one asking me a question, and I'll be quiet for 5 mins (depending on how tough the question or answer is) before finally replying. In partially broken mandarin with a pretty bad pronunciation. Yes, go ahead and laugh. Shirley, Tracy and Shuyee already laugh enough to last me a life time. But I find it pretty funny too Hahah

    Another reason why I wanna learn French is cz I feel pretty weird not studying. Not going to classes. Not falling asleep when the lecturer is droning on and on bout one shit or another. Not stressing out bout assignments which are due next morning ( I miss the idea of it, not the actual stressing).

    I've been studying since 5 yrs old and suddenly I've got this whole year to work full time without any classes and only 4 reports to write in a yr feels pretty surreal to me. At first it's fun cz NO ASSIGNMENTS and EXAMS. But after awhile, I got bored. I mean work is fun and all but then I miss the class environment. Where we gossip and talk and laugh regardless of the lecturer in front. Where I have a blank paper in front of me and instead of taking notes, I draw and think of what tattoo I wanna do.

    AND speaking of tattoos! God knows I hate it when people gets meaningless tattoo. Come on, tattoo is not a fashion trend. It's not like that skinny jeans everyone has. Or that new Burberry bag u want cz it's "in". Or that Jimmy Choo I've been crushing on cz it's hot. It's a freaking lifetime thing not a permanent marker thing.

    I hate it when people get those tribal design only cz "It looks pretty". Those are the people who only want a tattoo cz they think it looks "hot" and that they are "hardcore" and very "in". Then when their friends also gets one and suddenly every other person has one, the tattoo loses it's "coolness" and all they wanna do is cover and hide it. Like that guy who wears LONG SLEEVED SHIRT in FREAKING MALAYSIA. "Cause people are judgemental" Well DUH! Since when anyone in the freaking world isn't judgemental?

    Alright I'll finish ranting now. I neeeeeed to start on my report. It's due this Fri but I need to show a draft tmr morning.

    Went to the ZOO! Will blog bout it next time =)

    And she survived.. ;