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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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    2010 Resolutions

    + Spend less. Save more.
    + Get another tattoo
    + Control my temper
    + Keep in touch with more people
    + Spend less.
    + To control my impatient-ness
    + Work hard
    + Stop smoking
    + Drink less
    + Stop having blackout nights
    + Exercise more
    + Spend less.
    + Eat more
    + Blog more
    + Stop procasinating
    + Stop skipping meals
    + Master my French

    I *heart*

    + My Bunny
    + Drinking =)
    + Clubbing
    + Chocolates
    + My Besties
    + Laughing
    + Swimming
    + Towering heels
    + Movies
    + Flaming Lamborghini
    + Laughing
    + Sunglasses
    + Dancing in d rain
    + Crying in d dark

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  • And Live In The Present

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    It's so c-c-c-c-c-old! Really, I have trouble speaking properly and stutter sometimes. Winter is either already here or is approaching reaaaal soon. Sometimes I feel like my nose is about to drop off cz it's too freaking cold and strong wind doesn't help at all. Once I can't even feel my nose at all! And then after awhile i realize I had snot about to trail down my nose! And I didn't even realize it! Disgusting I know hahah but thank god it was bout 4am so there was no one on the street. Imagine if it was in the afternoon and I surrounded by people HAHA

    A friend suggest to me to wear ski mask. I would. I really really would. If it wasn't for the fact cops might tackle me down in the middle of the street and shop keepers peeing their pants while calling the cops, I would already buy a ski mask. And prolly ski googles as well. Sometimes I feel like pulling my eyeballs out and fondle them in my pocket cz it's so bloody windy and cold I can barely open my eyes. I know, I get weird thoughts sometimes.

    Ok, forgetting about ski mask now cz I can't never have it. Now, I'm ALL about stockings and lingerie as outwear. Mmm.. Sexy, I like =)
    Stay ups, knee highs, thigh highs, lace, corsets and so on.

    Corset, print skirt and garters.. Need I say more?

    Like the eyelet skirt and white stay ups looks innocent

    Ankle socks over thigh highs. Daring, bt not something I would try lol

    It's actually black stockings but she cut it to look like stay ups. Smart bt most prolly u can only wear it once

    I like the little girl style more than the left one

    Stay ups and boyfriend shirt. I like how she looks like she rolled out of bed, slip on heels and walk out the door haha

    I can't decide whether this looks a wee bit cheap or nice...

    This pic makes me wanna get a thigh high boots and a nice cut blazer *drools*

    The only one thing I don't like bout this lingerie trend is this:

    I'm really against showing bras and panties no matter how "in" it is. Seriously a hint of it is fine but not the whole back strap of it. Lace is sexy. Not like this tho.

    I've seen it quite a few times during summer and all I could think of is "Why can't this girls afford to buy better fitting bras for their clothes?" Then I found out it actually is a trend =.=;

    Pics credit goes to www.fashionising.com

    And she survived.. ;