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I wanted to type this long ass description bout me.
But I'm too lazy.
So I'll just describe myself in one sentence:

I am special =)

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    2010 Resolutions

    + Spend less. Save more.
    + Get another tattoo
    + Control my temper
    + Keep in touch with more people
    + Spend less.
    + To control my impatient-ness
    + Work hard
    + Stop smoking
    + Drink less
    + Stop having blackout nights
    + Exercise more
    + Spend less.
    + Eat more
    + Blog more
    + Stop procasinating
    + Stop skipping meals
    + Master my French

    I *heart*

    + My Bunny
    + Drinking =)
    + Clubbing
    + Chocolates
    + My Besties
    + Laughing
    + Swimming
    + Towering heels
    + Movies
    + Flaming Lamborghini
    + Laughing
    + Sunglasses
    + Dancing in d rain
    + Crying in d dark

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  • And Live In The Present

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Been pretty lazy busy these few days or weeks. My friends moved house and I got roped into helping them. Then we had a house warming party last week and I celebrated Anzac Day on sun night. I have a pretty vague idea what Anzac day is but it's smtg to do with war n shit. Well, as long as it's a public holiday and I get 2.5x pay, I don't really give a shit lol

    I'm too lazy to type shit so I'll just post pictures =)

    Love this bedroom set up in Ikea. Too bad I can't have it here

    Best. Curry. Laksa. Ever.

    Oh, oh! And I did my hair. Color and cut.

    It's light brownish. Not blonde. And the last pic is my work clothes.

    Look at all the shit two guys has. It's appalling.

    My new Wittner heels. It cost me $150 but it's 4 inch high =) Got this cz my gladiator heels looks like it's gonna fall part. After so many nights of clubbing and jumping around and dancing and running and shopping, I'm not surprised. But that's still my fav heels tho. This heels literally kills my feet after 5 hours.

    I have no idea who this girl is but she's funny. But then again, maybe we were just high that night lol cause I met them after the house warming party where we drank like fish

    And yes! I finally got my ipod nano!! I got it cz my bb runs out of batt by the time I wanna go clubbing cz I use too much fb and listen to music on it.

    Ahh the joys of underwater cam =) brought the small kids to go for a swim cz Tommy has been bugging me for some time now. Paid $8.50 for pool, spa and sauna. God how I miss sauna even if I prefer steam room more. This pic was suppose to show how deep the waters were 7 1/2 feet!! My feet couldn't even touch the floor if I didn't let go of the bar above waters.

    Nothing really interesting going on in my life. Just the same thing over and over again. Wake up, work, go for coffee or club or bar or karaoke, sleep. And repeat. Every single day. When it's an off day, i spend one day at home and one out shopping.

    Oh wait, there's this one guy I met. He's nice. Sweet. We slow danced in a middle of a club haha He wants more but too bad I'm not interested in a relationship. I tell everyone that the first time I meet them cz I don't want them to think shit. And he told me he's planning to get married by 28 (He's 22). Okaaaay. Cool.

    And she survived.. ;

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    Been reading people's blog. WHEN I AM SUPPOSE TO BE FINISHING MY REPORT. And it seems like 3 out of 5 people are experiencing heartbreak. Read their post and it was all like "I can't live without you" or "I trusted you but this is how u repay me" or "I don't think I will ever heal from this heartache". Those positive ones are "I believe I will heal one day" or "I'll wake up one day smiling again". But when is that one day gonna arrive?

    People think I am commitment phobic. That's y I'm flirty and jumps from one guy to another. I'm not. And I don't jump from one guy to another too. I just don't see a reason to trust someone so much especially if it's my heart. It's precious, bitch. I'm sick of opening up myself again and again just to be disappointed again. It's fucking exhausting. I want to be sure that there is something before I open up but that's just wishful thinking.

    They say if you don't take chances you'll never know. Jump and someone will catch. But what if that someone missed? Or doesn't catch you like you expect him to? It's easier said than done. I'm someone who needs confirmation. I won't fucking jump unless i'm sure you are waiting for me with open arms. I use to take chances. I was naive an young and trusted people waaay too much. But I've learn. It's either a good thing or bad. Good cz I protect myself so much better than I had in the past. Bad cause I don't trust people or open up as easily as I did. Even if I know u have good intentions.

    I once read an article bout "If you could change one thing in the world what would it be". And yeah I agree with the world peace shit and how everyone shld have the same amount of money n all, the one answer that I liked most is that "Everyone should look like Shrek or Fiona. Then when we fall in love, it'll be because of our personality and not how we look on the outside"

    But in this world where we live in, no matter what everyone says, people would always get attracted physically before mentally or emotionally. If that someone falls in love with your personality too, then lucky u. If not, then it's either just a physical thing where the both of you are living in denial.

    I mean, can u actually tell me that u like that guy cz he is just funny? I'm pretty sure there is just something attractive about him. Maybe it's his long, graceful fingers (I have a thing for beautiful pianist fingers lol) or it's those dreamy eyes or that strong angular jaw with a hint of stubbles or maybe he has a long lean body or a nice round ass (like that chef in Taylors!). Surely there is something that makes you attracted to him. Or else u won't even have an interest to talk. Maybe just a polite small talk but not talk talk.

    Like that day, this guy (who I have NO interest in whatsoever), called me and said "Can I speak to Nicole Kidman" if it's someone else, I'll prolly answer "Speaking" just for the fun of it HAHA but then it's him, the annoying guy who annoys me with lame jokes (and it's prolly lame cz I'm not interested in him lol). And all I said was "What?" twice. And got annoyed cz he's acting so lame.

    But maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm odd. Nah, I don't think it's a maybe. I think I'm pretty odd in a special kind of way =)

    And she survived.. ;

    Dear Shinyi,

    I just read your blog and I miss u tooo! I understand what u mean bout not hanging out so much and not that close anymore but there's still this bond that we share. Is like how I said best friends don't have to talk everyday or week or even month but still will fall back into place when we meet again like we were never apart. And talk bout everything and anything and laugh at all silly things. And be the noisiest people in the mamak or wherever which always makes people stare cz we talk bout inappropriate stuff loudly as well Haha

    Form 4 and 5 is still one of the best time in my life. Cause we were together everyday! The one memory I had was when we were up on the 4th floor we made paper planes and flew it out and got caught by that discipline teacher who was on ground floor. And we immediately duck down and tired to "run" while squatting. HAHAHAHA U were behind me and u laughed so damn hard cz it was fucking hilarious! But we did evade the teacher in the end. (I laughed till I teared while writing this hahaha)

    And yeah we named every single people who we didn't know. Like "Red Lip Guy" cz he ate the traffic light icecream the day we named him so his lips was red hahaha or "Forest" cz he had realllly hairy legs or "Char Siu" i don't rmb it was cz he looks like "Char Siu" or cz when we saw him we thought of that LOL There was this other guy, the one always with RLG n Boii Boii, the one who thinks he looks handsome. What did we name him again? I forgot lol. Oh, there was the "Forgotten Guy I, II, III and prolly IV too" cz we forgot what name we gave them haha. We had this humongous list of almost (or more than) 100 nicknames we gave people hahaha

    And the Kap zhai part. We had the perfect seats at the back of the classroom to view out the back doors. And our class was in the perfect position as well. Near to the boys toilet! So every guy who needs to pee passes by our class lol But then that time our school not alot of good looking guys so kinda wasted. Ish..

    Remember all those times we cheated in exams? The "signs", how we ask questions and there was this throwing rubber thing as well where we write the ques no n answer on it and used another rubber to rub it off! Hahaha Damn pak chi la. But we still passed with not bad results lol

    Fishy, u don't have to regret not hanging out with me so much when I was still in msia. Cz best friends are for life. We are the Fish and the Turtle (I lol-ed when I wrote this). We don't have to see each other so often but we know that we are there for each other anywhere anytime =)

    We look so dorky together hahaha

    And she survived.. ;

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Easter Weekend was WICKED!!

    Went Bass on Easter Saturday and then Colonial Hotel for Easter Sunday n boy was it fun. Well, except for the lines. It freaking sucked. At Bass, we lined up for 45mins which is not too bad but still the longest I had to wait in line to get into a club.

    But at Colonial was the worst. Absofuckinglutely worse. I waited for TWOFUCKINGHOURS. Two!! I've never waited in line for anything this long. Not even if it's a freaking gucci or prada sale at 70% cz I'm just not that girl. I have zero patience. Really. The only "silver lining" of this waiting is working on resolution #6.

    I went home at 10.45pm to see my friends waiting in the lobby for me. Then changed, swallowed 2 shots of bacardi (NOT 151) , my friends one each (pussies cz they are guys lol) and left at 11.20pm cz another friend was calling n calling asking me to go already.

    Reached there and I almost turn around to go back home. The line was damn cibai long. I can't even describe how long cz I never got to see the end! I saw some other friends like mid way of the line n we cut in =) but still, at 11.20pm i expected the line to be not that long cz most ppl shld already be in.

    At 1.20m we finally went in. And the first shot we took was ABC? and 151 i think. Dont really rmb what I drank cz it was too many. Met alot of friends from Bass there n they kept buying drinks for us cz Sat night I was one of the ones buying drinks. If I'm not mistaken, we spent most of our time on the rooftop garden where we can dance, smoke and drink there. Felt like Malaysia again. Cz u can't smoke in clubs here. Sucks. And apparently I did something which I didn't remember. Or that my friend was drunk and saw wrongly. If I did it, then the butter trick doesn't work thaaat good after all. Cz I really don't remember doing it. Hmm..

    Omg shinyi, did u know William got kicked out of the club? CAUSE HE FELL ASLEEP ON THE FLOOR! Omfg, when i heard of it I laughed till my stomach hurts HAHAHAHA! Apparently, he was tired so he n Tommy sat on the floor and TERTIDUR but leaning against the wall not entirely on the floor (that's just plain disgusting lol). Then there are security guys everywhere and one of them saw them on the floor so they ask both of them to get up. Tommy got up but William didn't so those security guys asked them to leave. Cause if u are drunk they will ask u to leave.

    That time I still didn't realise they were gone. I only knew after the club closed n I was trying to find them. Then Tommy called me n said they are at home. So I thought William was drunk again n Tommy brought him home n left me there with my two other friends cz he didn't want me to leave yet. But i didn't know that was the real reason! Hahaha


    My clubbing buddies, Alan n JP. Every single sat or fri night. Never fail.

    Me n Jp. N Jackie, who apparently I went for his bday this yr haha

    And Shin yi, u'll love this pic. I laughed when I saw this the morning after!

    With BUNNY EARS!!! hahahah
    (they'll murder me if they saw this. I think)

    I realised I have like a tonne of guy clubbing buddies but only one girl. Who was too sick to come on Sun night. But she was there on Sat night although slightly sick. Gonna go to her bday party next week. Provided I have pm shift on Sat.

    She's cool. Funnyy lol

    And she survived.. ;

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Like this hairstyle. But it takes 1 freaking hour to do it.

    Anyway, the daylight saving thingy just ended!! Or started. Doesn't matter cause at 3am eaaaarly this morning, all clock got set back 1 hour. It means, extra 1 hour of sleep. Or for me, extra 1 hour of clubbing!! =)

    It was freaking tiring last night. Clubbed (is that even a word?) for more than 6 hours. And omfg, i tried this trick my friend taught me last time to not get drunk, remember the night and no hangovers. AND IT FUCKING WORKED!! Oh, and drinking on an empty stomach as well.

    I had no appetite last night besides having dinner at 5pm and I didn't want a repeat performance of last week. Where apparently, after Lavish, we went Bass. Cause my friend called me a couple of days later and asked me why I went to Bass but didn't tell him. And I said, no I was in Lavish. Long story short, my other friend also didn't remember going to Bass cz he was worst then me (he thought he lost his wallet but it was with another friend). He remembered up to a point where we were ordering setuce? seduce? some kind of pretty strong shot. At least I remember dancing on a platform/stage thingy, which was way further into the night lol

    Opps, got sidetracked. Anywayy, I saw those single portion of butter and margarine in the fridge and remembered bout that trick. So I swallowed a whole portion of freaking margarine. IT WAS DISGUSTING. Cz my mind is set to repel this kind of food and I almost threw up but I didn't. But it really realllly worked. I drank alot. Wet pussies, tequilas, 151s, seduce? setuce?, gigabombs, ABCs and shit. All on an empty stomach and I remembered the night!! I even remembered telling my friend bout the day light saving shit and that he doesn't need to go work till 1 hour later, after I came back from the club.

    Looks like I'll be able to keep resolution #10 after all =)

    And she survived.. ;